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Master in Management & Technology

The aim of the Master in Management & Technology is to create a new type of graduate: one who combines outstanding skills in management with an additional qualification in engineering or natural sciences. The Master’s degree will give you the ability to solve problems at the interface of management and technology – and so prepare you for your future professional life.

Today’s companies are looking for individuals who break the mold. For many positions, the strongest candidates combine a passion for management with a solid understanding of technology.

The Master in Management & Technology is available in two tracks. Choice of track depends on the applicant’s first degree. Both tracks usually take four semesters to complete.

The program is truly interdisciplinary, covering both management studies and engineering/natural sciences. It includes specializations in each area, for which a range of different options are available. Toward the end of their studies, all students write a Master’s thesis.

During your studies you will gain a broad range of technological and cross-disciplinary skills. You can also acquire international experience by spending a period of time studying abroad. This approach prepares you for your future career by providing you with valuable insights into the way that your colleagues in different areas work and think.

The teaching on the program is state-of-the-art, featuring lectures, regular tutorials and small-group seminars. The program is truly bilingual, with many courses offered in English only and others in German. Both tracks result in an M.Sc. qualification and usually take four semesters to complete.

Specializations in management (both tracks):Specializations in engineering/ natural sciences:
• Innovation & Entrepreneurship• Chemistry
• Marketing, Strategy & Leadership • Electrical & Information Technology (Track 1 only)
• Operations & Supply Chain Management • Computer Science
• Finance & Accounting • Mechanical Engineering

Admission requirements

First degree in Management & Technology (TUM-BWL), Industrial Engineering or equivalent degree at the intersection of management and technology.

To find out more about our Master in Management and Technology, Track 1 (TUM-BWL) please click here.

Admission requirements

First degree in Business Administration, Economics, Management or equivalent.

To find out more about our Master in Management and Technology, Track 2 (TUM-WITEC) please click here.