“A world of three zeros” – Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus about social businesses and entrepreneurship

Josephine Melcher and Muhammad Yunus, talking about social businesses.

“My mission is to create a world of three zeros: Zero poverty, zero unemployment, zero net carbon emissions.” To change the world and make it a better place for all people – nothing less wants economist and entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus. As part of the TUM Speakers Series, he gave a lecture to around 100 students on the subject of „How do we unleash social consciousness in all businesses.“

Prof. Yunus is the founder and former manager of the “Grameen Bank”, which grants microcredits to people without income security. His effort to create economic and social development from below was awarded in 2006 with the Nobel Peace Prize. In a guest lecture the 79 year old Bangladeshi talked to the students about ethical leadership, leading a social business and enabling entrepreneurship for everyone. After his lecture, Josephine Melcher, member of the student organization TUM Speakers Series, led a lively discussion between Professor Yunus and the audience.

Among other things, they discussed the important role women play in the economy and how students as future entrepreneurs can try to integrate Professor Yunus approaches for a fairer world into their work. Professor Yunus’ inspiring words left the students thinking about how they themselves and companies can change the world for the better.

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