Equal Opportunities

Appreciation of our diverse talents

TUM School of Management helps students achieve their full potential

At TUM School of Management, we believe that students have to have access to advice, support, and events – regardless of race, gender, religion, worldview, age, physical ability or sexual identity.

To make sure that life at TUM and School of Management is as in line with these principles as possible, we not only comply with all diversity efforts of Technical University of Munich, but also maintain our own Equal Opportunities Commission.

Our Mission

The task of the Equal Opportunities Commission of TUM School of Management is to implement the objectives of the TUM Diversity Code of Conduct:

  • To participate and vote in School Council meetings

  • To sit on the Appointments Committee

  • To be the point of contact for female students and academics, where this role is not performed by the Women’s Office of Technical University of Munich

  • To write an annual report on the position of women at the school

  • To help draw up a diversity agreement and goals


Diversity Promotion Fund of the TUM School of Management

A wide range of funding opportunities is available to address the special challenges and needs of various target groups along TUM’s diversity dimensions. One important goal is to encourage female academics at the qualification levels doctorate and postdoctoral/habilitation. A second is to make valuable academic insights on diversity-related issues available to a broad audience. In addition to the general scholarships available at Technical University of Munich, TUM School of Management provides support via its Diversity Promotion Fund and offers the following measures, such as:

  • Travel grants for research-related trips and conferences for female junior academics
  • Sponsoring workshops and events on diversity-related topics
  • Sponsoring the invitation of guest speakers
  • Grants for printing books a and submission fees for articles targeted to international peer-reviewed journals for female junior academics
  • Support for editing costs for English-language journal submissions for female junior academics
  • Support for postdoctoral researchers in project application through hiring of a student assistant
  • Reward for transfer of diversity-related research results for interested persons inside and outside the academic community

The Diversity Promotion Fund of the TUM School of Management accepts applications on a quarterly basis and in line with the current guidelines. Please find the application form here (docx version/ pdf version). Decisions are made by the Equal Opportunities Commission, which is headed by Professor Breugst. “For further inquiries, please contact Carmen Baur (carmen.baur@tum.de).

Non-financial support

Technical University of Munich also offers a range of opportunities for personal development, from individual and group coaching to mentoring partnerships.

Diversity ambassadors of TUM School of Management

Vice Dean Diversity and Talent Management
Prof. Dr. Nicola Breugstnicola.breugst@tum.deInnovation & EntrepreneurshipGarching
Women’s, Equality and Diversity Officer
Dr. Christian Feilckechristian.feilcke@tum.deEconomics & PolicyDowntown
Deputy Women’s, Equality and Diversity Officer
Prof. Dr. Oliver Alexyo.alexy@tum.deInnovation & EntrepreneurshipGarching
Regina Dutzregina.dutz@tum.deMarketing, Strategy & LeadershipDowntown
Prof. Dr. Hanna Hottenrottoffice.eoi@mgt.tum.deEconomics & PolicyDowntown
Eunji Leeeunji.lee@tum.deOperations & TechnologyDowntown
Prof. Dr. Alwine Mohnenoffice.cm@wi.tum.deFinance & AccountingDowntown
Dr. Anwesha Mukherjeeanwesha.mukherjee@tum.deEconomics & PolicyDowntown
Katharina Reiterkatharina.reiter@tum.deFinance & AccountingDowntown
Eline Schoonjanseline.schoonjans@tum.deFinance & AccountingDowntown
Prof. Dr. Michael Stich michael.stich@tum.deFinance & AccountingHeilbronn


Sexual prejudice in entrepreneurship – How sexual orientation influences the harshness of business failure evaluations

Those who are homosexual are often stigmatized in society and at the work place. For some of them, becoming leaving employment and becoming an entrepreneur is the only way to be open about their sexual orientation without being stigmatized at work. What happens, however, if these entrepreneurs fail and their failure is perceived by the general public? Will they be stigmatized for both, the failure and their sexual orientation? In an article published in the Journal of Management Studies, Professor Shepherd of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and Professor Patzelt of the TUM School of Management address this question and explore how 212 people of the general public in two German towns (Munich and Leipzig) evaluate failed Read More here

Does diversity have a positive or negative effect on a team? – It’s all a matter of perception!

Organizations frequently wrestle with two questions: Is diversity helpful in a team? And, if so, under what circumstances? Diversity is defined here as creating a (work) team that is made up of individuals with a range of different characteristics. This includes not just differences in demographic factors, such as a team that includes people of different genders, ages or nationalities. It also involves differences in character traits – like conscientiousness – or other qualities – such as values or goals – that are not immediately noticeable. Academic theories make different predictions about whether diversity in a team will have a positive or negative effect on team members and organizations. For instance, the information/decision-making perspective states that teams made up of Read More here


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