Celebrations of TUM’s 150th anniversary

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) celebrates in 2018 its 150th anniversary since its inception in 1968. The main ceremony celebrating the anniversary and kicking off year-long celebrations is taking place today on April 12, 2018 and many other events and initiatives coincided with the event in order to honor the university’s history.

During his speech, federal president Steinmeier described technical universities in general as figureheads of the nation, and cited the Technical University of Munich as the main figurehead. Steinmeier complimented students and researchers present at the event and was also quoted as saying that “We could be the country in which the people have the courage to plan and create its future.[…] That is the country that I wish for, one that welcomes the future, you can feel this sentiment at TUM.”

The main event features an exhibition dedicated to TUM’s legacy and a live concert as well as speeches from various professors and famous personalities.
German television channels BR and ARD-Aplha are broadcasting the event both online and on their satellite networks. Viewers are able to watch the main ceremony featuring speeches from federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the prime minister of the free state of Bavaria Dr. Markus Söder and various documentations and interviews regarding TUM’s strategies and accomplishments over the years, including an interview with university president Wolfgang. A. Herrmann.

Coinciding with the main anniversary celebrations, a group of students of the Faculty of Brewing and Food Technology have developed as part of a competition a special export-class brew dedicated to the institution’s 150th anniversary. It will be served in all festivities related to the jubilee year.
Another celebratory item created especially for the occasion is a special postage stamp released by the federal ministry of finance and sold by Deutsche Post. The stamp comes in a special envelope and features iconic TUM buildings and celebratory design. The stamp is being sold at TUM’s main campus today, April 12, 2018.

The entire calendar of events in honor of TUM’s 150th anniversary can be found here (in German).


Celebrations of TUM’s 150th anniversary, Herkulessaal, Residenz Munich

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