Construction continues in Straubing

Construction works continue to progress in the city of Straubing. The youth center, which suffered a small fire incident in october of 2017 is beginning its restoration process and the Nawareum, the center for information on energy and raw material change in Bavaria, is also moving forward with its new building project, which should be finished by 2020.

Alongside these projects, the construction of the foundations of the new building for the TUM Campus Straubing at the Uferstraße are also moving forward. The drilling process is being done on top of a landfill body and the lingering waste must be analized and possibly disposed of in order for the drilling to be continued. There were concerns about the safety of construction workers around the landfill body due to the fact that it is impossible to know which dangerous materials or chemicals could be present, for that reason the perimeter has been closed off and the construction workers are required to wear protective gear to work on the project.

The structural work for the building has already been aproved and will move forward after the foundation has been finished in April 2018, this stage of the construction should be done by mid 2020.

Since the winter semester 2017/2018 TUM School of Management offers the bachelor’s program Bachelor in Management and Technology at TUM Campus Straubing with the exclusive specialization “Renewable Resources”.

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