Construction in Heilbronn makes progress

The construction works at the Bildungscampus Heilbronn are progressing as expected. Students will soon be able to enjoy an underground cafeteria and the new look of the iconic TUM Tower.

The new campus cafeteria will be built underground and covered with grass, leaving only windows visible from the surface, construction workers are digging holes up to 14 meters deep into the ground and laying down the structure of what will be used as the new modern cafeteria. The project will, however, take some time to be completed, filling the digsites with structure pieces and cement and making the whole project infiltration-free is not an easy task. The cafeteria is scheduled to be completed on September 2019.

Another project progressing in Heilbronn is the new 45-meter-high TUM Tower, a new building, which is planned to represent the new campus as its central visual piece. The tower will be covered by over 136.000 white clinker bricks and its darker-colored parts will be either removed or painted over in order to highlight its ivory-like all-white appearance from far away.

Further construction works planned for the campus include an underground garage for 140 vehicles and an entirely new library with an all-glass front.


You can read more about the progress at Heilbronn in the here (German only).

Image: rendering of the finished underground cafeteria seen from the outside.


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