Digitization opens new career possibilities for women and for equality in the work place

“Digitization can be a deciding factor in order to achieve true equality” states the Huffington Post on its latest article showcasing new and exciting career opportunities provided to women by recent digital developments such as industry 4.0 and the internet of things.

Good luck is not enough in order to take advantage of career opportunities, only those who are able to use their knowledge, wit and tools at the right place and right time will see hidden next steps in their professional paths. The digital transformation that has been going on in the last decades has been affecting every aspect of every person’s life, and also includes companies which are quickly being modernized and brought into the new digitized world. Changing how companies view work and realizing how every aspect of almost every job includes a digital component is critical in understanding the role that these digital transformations can play in order to carve a path for women to reach true professional equality in comparison to their male colleagues.

Talents and personality traits that were once relegated to lesser positions in enterprises are becoming more sought after due to the advent of digitization. The reliance on social media by virtually every single business with a mass marketing component and the social competences required in order to excel in this type of market make the natural traits associated to women more desirable. Jobs that also required physical strength or other aspects rarely identified in female candidates are being replaced by digitally-infused counterparts which enable women to infiltrate spaces once dominated by men.

Analysts of the study “Getting to equal – how digital is helping close the gender gap at work” have gathered data from 3.900 candidates from 31 different countries. The study has pointed “Digital Fluency” i.e. competency in using and taking advantage of digital tools as being one of the most important talents for employers. This fact represents an advantage to women due to their higher education statistics; their increasing will to build a professional career and the flexibility and soft skills usually associated with them.

Learning to adapt to a changing landscape of opportunities is key in order to build any career. Especially in our increasingly digital spaces and especially for women.

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