Experiences of a QTEM student at TUM School of Management

TUM School of Management is a member of the Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management Network (QTEM), which aims at teaching outstanding students analytical and quantitative techniques for decision making in an international context. Since winter semester 2017/18, the QTEM Master’s Program is open to students of the Master in Management & Technology. As a member of the network TUM School of Management offers both: giving students the possibility to become a part of the QTEM network and hosting students from other international member universities.

TUM School of Management spoke to Hugo Barbedo, who spends his summer semester abroad at TUM School of Management about his experiences in Munich.


TUM School of Management: Hugo, could you please shortly present yourself?

Hugo Barbedo: My name is Hugo Barbedo, I’m a 23-year-old Management student from the FEP – school of Economics and Management, Oporto, Portugal. Currently, I’m a part of the QTEM Network, which allowed me to come to TUM School of Management for the summer semester.

TUM School of Management: What is the QTEM network and why did you join it?

Hugo Barbedo: Well, QTEM stands for Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management. It’s an international network that brings together students, schools and companies and tries to improve decision making processes through analytical and quantitative skills.

I joined QTEM mainly because of its international experience component – it allows me to do my Master’s Program in 3 different top-class universities. I did my first semester in FEP, my second semester at TUM School of Management, and will then go to LUISS GUIDO CARLI in Rome for the third. Afterwards, QTEM allows you the opportunity to do an international internship to complement the experience.

QTEM gives you access to an exclusive Job Platform, where companies are looking exclusively for QTEM students, and it provides you the chance to choose the courses you want to take throughout your entire international experience, so that you can really focus on the topics that interest you the most.

TUM School of Management: Why did you decide to spend your first semester abroad here in Munich at TUM School of Management?

Hugo Barbedo:  I’ve always wanted to live in Germany, I don’t know why (laughs). When I joined QTEM and realized the Technical University of Munich (TUM) was one of its institutional partners, I knew I had to take the opportunity. I have no regrets because I had access to a totally different teaching system than the one I was used to.

TUM School of Management: What are the offers of TUM School of Management for QTEM-students?

Hugo Barbedo: As a QTEM student in Munich, I had access to informal “get togethers” with other incoming and outgoing QTEM students, as well as a Reverse Career Fair. Furthermore, I was accompanied by Ms. Ute Helfers, QTEM responsible at TUM School of Management, who was very understanding of my condition as a QTEM student (one of the main particularities of QTEM is that you have to do an average of 22 Quantitative ECTS per semester) and helped me through my course registration process.

TUM School of Management: What do you like most about Germany? What highlights have you experienced here?

Hugo Barbedo: I’ve experienced some of the greatest moments of my life here in Germany. It’s a place full of history and culture that is really worth exploring. Specially in Munich, every corner gives you an opportunity to learn something new about the city and its past. However, the best place around Munich for me is Chiemsee. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but that place is mind-blowing.

Lately, with the World Cup taking place, experiencing the games in local sports bars is so fun! I cannot explain the feeling I had when Portugal played and me and my colleagues got to sing the national anthem in front of every other person in the pub.

TUM School of Management: What will you miss when you are back in Portugal?

Hugo Barbedo: Germany (at least the parts of Germany that I’ve visited) and Portugal are very different countries, even though they’re not so geographically distant. Honestly, I don’t know yet (laughs). I think I’ll only know how to answer that question after I’ve returned to Oporto!

TUM School of Management: What are your next steps with QTEM and for your career?

Hugo Barbedo: Regarding QTEM, in September I’ll be going to Rome for my master’s third semester, which I’m really excited about because I’ll be living with 3 other Portuguese people, all from my home university. Afterwards I’ll return to Portugal for my master thesis (which I’m not that eager for) (laughs).

Career wise, I’m still not quite sure. I would probably like to get into something related with Social Media or Fashion.

TUM School of Management: Thank you very much for giving us insights into your life as a QTEM student at TUM School of Management. We wish you all the best for your future!

Hugo Barbedo: Thank you!


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