Studying in Times of Corona

Winter Semester 2021/22

At present, no one can say with certainty what the studying, teaching and examinations will look like in the winter semester 2021/22.

However, we assume that a large part of the courses and also the examinations will again take place on campus. Therefore, in the winter semester, attendance at the campus will again become a requirement for a regular degree program.

In the winter semester 2021/22, pandemic-related exceptions to deadlines, examinations, study progress monitoring or other regulations will also no longer apply. The requirements for a regular degree program are thus once again the same as before the outbreak of the pandemic.

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Students in Heilbronn can read more here.

Relevant information on modules and courses, teaching formats, examinations and more

The lecture period for the winter semester 2021/22 is from October 18, 2021, until February 11, 2022.

We kindly ask that you register for the courses, via TUMonline. Registration is only possible during the registration period, please check the information in our homepage or directly in TUMonline.

For the modules, please check your curriculum tree in TUMonline and our manual on course planning & scheduling here. The registration of courses of the TUM School of Management with a limited number of places, for example (Advanced) Seminars, (Advanced) Topics and other limited courses, is done via TUMonline. Students will receive an email with further information on the process in due time.

During the pandemic, all members of TUM teaching staff have prepared synchronous and asynchronous online courses using digital resources. There are several methods that are being used during pandemic time such as Lecturio, live streaming, or Moodle. Each lecturer decides individually, how his or her class is structured and which teaching format suits the course and the current situation the best.

We are doing our best to ensure that our mutual collaboration and interactive exchange with the help of digital teaching formats runs smoothly during this pandemic. Please support our lecturers by actively participating in chats, quizzes and synchronous sessions, as well as by thoughtful engagement with the material provided to you in the form of video sequences.

Handing in your thesis


Main Campus Munich

Until further notice, the following regulations apply to the submission of your thesis

(Further and important information on the topic of final thesis can be found here).

The thesis may be submitted digitally in advance to The digital submission is considered as submission date on time. Digital submission is desirable but not mandatory. The timely submission of the printed version is sufficient.

Please remember

  • to sign the declaration of authorship in the digital version (digital or scanned) as well as in the 3 printed versions (signature in handwriting)
  • to fill the permission to view my thesis and to send it as an extra and single PDF/sheet with your work.

Important: Please remember that even if you have already submitted digitally, you must submit the 3 bound versions. We recommend that you do not let more than two weeks time go by.

The following options are provided for this purpose

  • By post: TUM School of Management, Grademanagement, Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München (An adress lable can be found here).
  • In person at the main gate of Technische Universität München, Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München (24/7)
  • At the Servicepoint of TUM School of Management (room 1554/office hours).


TUM Campus Heilbronn

The thesis is submitted digitally to The digital submission is considered as submission date on time.

Please remember: The declaration of authorship must also be signed in this version – a digital signature is sufficient! In addition, please fill out the permission to view the thesis form and send it with your work.

Important: The digital submission does not replace the submission of the 3 printed copies. It is fine if the printed versions arrive at TUM School of Management after the official submission date. However, we advise you to make the delivery within two weeks, latest. Please include the signed version of the declaration of authorship.

Please contact us at in order to arrange the submission of the hard copies.


General information

General information regarding the final thesis as well as all necessary forms are available under the caption “FINAL THESIS” in the download area.


Extension of the thesis’ deadline

If you have experienced delays in the completion of your thesis due to the current restrictions, please contact your Examination Board via

Please submit a covering statement to the Examination Board explaining the grounds for your extension (guidelines: English/German). In addition, please fill out this form (English/German) and have it signed by an authorized person at your supervising Chair (usually Chair holder). This is to confirm that he\she is in agreement with the reasons you give and your proposed new submission date.

Due to current restrictions, all necessary forms may be signed and submitted digitally.

The implementation of the corona safety measures and the decision about the teaching format od modules lies within the responsibility of each school and faculty. We therefore ask all students of the Bachelor and Master in Management & Technology in Munich and Heilbronn with a specialization in technology to register in TUMonline for the respective courses. More information on the teaching format will then be given in TUMonline and Moodle.

More information with regards to Corona from the respective faculties can be found here:

All information regarding taking a leave of absence can be found here.

Due to the current situation, we had to cancel our Student Visiting Hours. Instead, we offer consultations via phone or, if necessary, online. You can find our contact details and the times of phone consultation here.

Please note that TUM will remain closed to the general public until further notice.

Due to the current restrictions in university operations, we currently cannot say with certainty what the studying, teaching and examinations will look like in the winter semester 2021/22.

However, we assume that a large part of the courses and also the examinations will again take place on campus. Therefore, in the winter semester, attendance at the campus will again become a requirement for a regular degree program. At TUM School of Management we will probably be offering some courses for freshers online, but we cannot guarantee anything at this point. However, exams may take place on campus. You can find more detailed information on the format of courses in the course descriptions in TUMonline. Please note that it may take until the beginning of the lecture period (October 18, 2021) until all courses are on TUMonline.

The TUM Global & Alumni Office assists international students coming to TUM as part of an exchange program. Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus disease, we ask you to get in touch by Email only until further notice.

Incoming international students can find information on their stay at the TUM and

the current situation regarding Covid 19 here.

University Library in Munich (digital services are fully accessible): Find more information here.

LIV in Heilbronn: Find more information here.

TUM Study with me” is a virtual study area for all students who do not like to learn alone or just want to benefit from a study atmosphere.

The TUM Language Center will offer online courses in 17 languages and other services. Find more information here. If you are an international student and interested in learning German as a Foreign Language click here.


It is of the utmost importance to us to protect you and the public in these extraordinary times. Please note that you must contact the TUM Corona Crisis Task Force if you have had contact with a person who tested positive, have tested positive yourself or are in quarantine for other reasons (i.e. after travel). For more details, please check the TUM info page.

We wish you and your families continued health and hope to see you all safe and sound in the near future.

Studying from home

Despite the changed circumstances, we would like to offer support to help you get along well during the semester.

Meet fellow students & alumni with “Mystery Coffee” 

Is this your first semester at TUM? Are you new to the city? Or are you just looking to meet new people, but can’t leave your home because of Corona?

We’re excited to introduce “Mystery Matching”!

Mystery Matching is a simple online tool to meet new students from the TUM School of Management, even in times of online teaching. You can easily meet fellow students from your study program, students from other TUM programs or get in touch with exchange students. Sign up now and use your TUM E-Mail address.

For the Campus Munich:

To Straubing students: You can join the Munich students and use the link above.

For the Campus Heilbronn:

Collection of helpful counselling services

ProLehre: Studyskills

Are you wondering how online learning from home can actually work well? The Learning Competence Team at ProLehre | Media and Didactics has put together a collection of helpful tips for successful online learning – from workplace design to time management. In addition, you can access a virtual workshop and several consulting services.


Do you sometimes ask yourself how you are supposed to get through your studies “healthy”? On the pages of the student health management system TUM4Health, you will find not only information on exercise and nutrition, but also hints and advice from students for students in times of Corona.

Boosting your mental strength for studying

Would you like to receive further training in the area of personality development & self-management? All workshops in the area of self-competence and TUM4Mind are available to you in virtual form, combining input by experienced trainers with interactive exchange within the group.

Academic Coaching

Do you need continuous support during the semester, e.g. to improve your handling of high performance requirements or to get a grip on chronic procrastination behavior? You can choose between individual advice and group settings for learning and examination coaching.

Psychotherapeutic and Psychosocial Advisory Service

Do you need support with regard to mental challenges or study-related problems? The Psychotherapeutic and Psychosocial Counseling Office of the Munich Student Union is available for individual telephone counseling sessions. In addition, the Munich Student Union offers a variety of other services, such as general and social counseling.

Student Council TUM SOM

The Student Council TUM SOM cares about you! Do you have questions regarding your studies, you would like to ask fellow students? Do you have concerns or some suggestions for improvement? Or do you have some cool stories to tell about your stay-at-home time? – feel free to shoot us a mail at .

Stay updated about ongoing studies, Student Council activities, upcoming events and some fun stories – our Instagram Channel @fstumsom delivers new content every week!