Research Report

The research at TUM School of Management is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach, focusing on the interface between management, engineering and the natural and life sciences. The methods employed range from theoretical models and qualitative and quantitative empirical work to applied research.

TUM School of Management has achieved leading positions in all relevant national rankings and is triple crown accredited. In particular, TUM School of Management topped the list of German universities in the 2020 Wirtschaftswoche business research ranking.

The School is also home to several “competence centers“ that bundle resources and facilitate close collaboration with other institutions and corporate partners.

The faculty is engaged in a broad range of cutting-edge research projects, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Research Foundation, the European Union and other bodies.

Research Report

The reserach report provides an overview of our research activities: the topics, projects, publications, and most importantly the people. The contents demonstrate our focus on the interface between management and technology, the role of internationalization and our commitment to rigorous research, as well as to practical relevance.

This report aims to make the research at TUM School of Management visible to a broad audience. We also hope that it will lead to even more exciting research opportunities in the future.