From Engineering to Finance Management

An interview with our student David and his advice for prospective students.

David is from Germany and completed his undergraduate studies in Industrial Engineering. While studying the Master in Politics & Technology at the Technical University of Munich, he saw that the Master in Finance and Information Management (FIM) had been introduced at the TUM School of Management, and he decided to go for a double degree.

What do you like the most about the FIM program?

It’s quite difficult to choose – but if I had to: to me, it’s both the people I get the chance to study with and the academic flexibility when it comes to choosing an individual module or your major.

What was the most challenging task so far?

Definitely the fact, that lectures mainly take place online. But I think that’s not FIM specific but much rather a general student problem these days.

Whom would you recommend it to?

I don’t believe there is one specific target group for the FIM program. To me, it’s very important to understand that FIM covers not just finance but the interplay between Finance and Computer Science. In addition, I think applicants should have a high affinity for Mathematics.

What are your plans after finishing the FIM?

To be perfectly honest I’m still torn between working in the industry or getting a Ph.D.

What are your three tips for Bachelor’s students who want to apply for the FIM study program?

For one, I would recommend speaking directly to FIM students or alumni before submitting the application to gain a better understanding for the program. Secondly, I’d really recommend preparing intensively for the GMAT – and lastly, make sure to put a lot of effort into the application essay, which after all makes up a substantial part of the application score and really can make a difference.

As an industrial engineer, what makes FIM interesting for you?

As an industrial engineer – in general – you need to understand physics, chemistry, computer science, and economics at the very same time. This interdisciplinary mindset is something I wanted to make use of during grad school. As FIM focuses on Finance, Mathematics, and Computer Science I think industrial engineers are qualified quite well.


About the FIM Master’s program:

FIM offers you an individual and highly attractive study environment, which empowers you with a new set of skills and ensures each student reaches their individual goals. Small classes guarantee a comfortable study atmosphere, an effective implementation of the curriculum, and an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, which allows for the personal support of every student. Gain insights into the current development in digital finance, manage digital transformation and disruption, apply data processing, analysis, and preparation techniques or design the power grid of the future.

High-level scientists from the Technical University of Munich and the University of Bayreuth as well as professional experts will mentor you. You will learn the necessary methodology and instantly get the opportunity to put theory into practice by accompanying first-class practitioners to work. Both, academic and professional mentors, who will not only give advice on the study program but also support the mentee with individual career planning and personal development, will coach ambitious students. Our network of renowned business partners provides a wide range of possibilities to deepen knowledge in practice and to do exciting internships, and participate in workshops and practical projects.


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