Initial contacts with local businesses

E-mobility – future or trap? Payment models of tomorrow. Business IT. These were just three of ten topics that 70 students from TUM School of Management and other universities on the Heilbronn Bildungscampus discussed with representatives of local businesses at the first Barcamp, held at the Heilbronn Experimenta.

The Barcamp was organized in cooperation with FACHKRÄFTEBÜNDNIS Heilbronn-Franken (the Heilbronn-Franconia Confederation of Skilled Employees) as a way to lower the perceived barriers between medium-sized companies and international students. Companies also “wanted to know which topics the skilled workers of tomorrow care about,” as Julia Grashei from Human Resources at Rheinmetall explained. The twelve company representatives from various industries in the region appreciated the opportunity to talk and share their experience with young people in the setting of the Barcamp. The students were also able to make initial contacts with local companies, some of whom they will then be able to work with on joint projects during their studies.

Barcamp for international students

The Barcamp is a unique event promoting frank and open discussion. Participants bring their own topics and work with professionals on practical business issues. The event began with introductions and a discussion of future economic challenges. The group then broke up into three teams according to their interests for a chance to discuss topics in detail and work practically on the challenges facing businesses in the region. It was exciting to see how students, with their international perspectives, tackled the various business problems, bringing significant value to the discussion. Julia Grashei again: “This maximum openness also enables us as a company to learn what our junior staff really care about.”

Both students and company representatives benefited from the productive day’s events. Students learned about the opportunities offered by local companies, while the companies enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the international student community.

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