From Studying Abroad to Finding a New Home

Meet Lorena Oliveira, who just graduated from TUM Campus Heilbronn as one of our pioneering students

For Lorena Oliveira, leaving her home country Brazil to study in Germany meant following her passion. “The world is changing so fast, and we must be able to change with it,” explains Lorena. This is why she chose to be open to new challenges. Now, Lorena is one of the first graduates of our Master in Management program at TUM Campus Heilbronn. Leaving TUM, she looks back on some of her favorite experiences during her time in Heilbronn and sums up how the program has benefited her career.

Lorena Oliveira graduated from TUM Campus Heilbronn as one of our pioneering students

Choosing TUM Campus Heilbronn

After studying metallurgical engineering for her bachelor’s degree, Lorena knew she wanted to expand her knowledge into the business world. She wanted to go beyond her technical background and learn more about business concepts in relation to innovation and digitalization in pursuit of her master’s degree. TUM offered Lorena an opportunity. As Heilbronn provided a special location, small classes, and close contact to classmates and professors, she decided to join the Master in Management program.

For Lorena, becoming part of the first batch of students at the new campus came to be a totally unique experience – even similar to working in a start-up. The campus was still in the process of being built, but Lorena was nonetheless able to rely on the well-established structure of TUM: “Although we were the pioneers, we knew we were entering a very structured university, and we could count on a team of experienced and dedicated professionals.”


Advantages of the Master in Management program

Studying at TUM, Lorena acquired skills that helped her build her career. In her favorite lecture, “Economics and Management of Platforms,” she was able to improve her strategic and critical thinking while developing her own case study. Furthermore, lectures combining theory with hands-on practical work, such as “Marketing and Innovation” and “Family Firm Branding,” provided her with scientific writing and research skills that she now can apply in her current job.

During her studies, Lorena was able to already gain work experience as an intern at Amazon, where she created the base for a job-rotation program as part of the company’s health team. At the moment, the graduate is working at Fujitsu, taking on different projects in business operations, such as defining and standardizing processes or coordinating different stakeholders to define project requirements, up to implementation.


Project studies, party nights, and picnics with friends: Student life in Heilbronn

An experience that particularly stood out to Lorena was doing her project studies at Munich Airport.

An experience that particularly stood out to Lorena was doing her project studies at Munich Airport. Together with four classmates, she became part of the “Future Passenger Journey 2030” project and worked in survey design, data analysis, and research to derive strategic recommendations. In three months of intensive work, the group turned out to be a “dream team” that could not only work together, but also laugh together, recounts Lorena. After finishing the project, the team went out to celebrate the success.

All in all, Lorena has really enjoyed the company of her fellow students at TUM Campus Heilbronn. “It was an unforgettable experience to have classmates from all over the world and to have such a close relationship with them. Some friendships I made at TUM are definitely for life!” she says. The students really embraced their diverse backgrounds and for example organized an international dinner, where each studentwould cook traditional food from his or her home country. Moreover, on nice days the students used to have picnics next to the Neckar River and sing completely out of tune. It has been memories like these that made studying at Campus Heilbronn special to Lorena.


From studying abroad to finding her future home

Graduating from TUM, Lorena Oliveira has collected a lot of great experiences and knowledge she can build on. In the future, she wants to focus on the changing industry and company culture, working at an international technological, company. Moreover, one thing is certain: For Lorena, Germany became a place that feels like home. A place that offers many opportunities and a safe environment that Lorena appreciates. A country where she wants to stay, even after graduation.

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