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Meet Our TUM Campus Heilbronn Pioneer Sayantini

Sayantini Some is 33 years old, originally from New Delhi, India, and one of our very first graduates from TUM Campus Heilbronn. In 2009, she completed her Bachelor of Technology – BTech, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering in India, after which she was able to gain valuable work experience as a systems engineer and in the banking sector. After several years of professional experience, she decided to continue her studies with a management degree, moved to Germany, and started her studies at the TUM School of Management in Heilbronn. We talked to her, about her decision to join our Master’s in Management at TUM Campus Heilbronn, her favorite memories of her studies, and her career plans after graduation.

Sayantini, congratulations on finishing your studies at TUM Campus Heilbronn! First of all: Why did you decide you wanted to continue your education with a master’s degree?

I think a management degree is the best tool to advance one’s career. Not only did I develop planning and organizational skills, but I also got an overview of the overall business trajectory during my master studies. With the industry knowledge I was able to build up over the years, and the theoretical background in management, I am sure that I will be considered an attractive hire by prospective employers. After some years of work experience, I was inclined towards doing a program in management preferably in either France or Germany. While scouting for available colleges I came across the Master in Management at the TUM School of Management, a program specifically designed for students with a background in engineering or the natural sciences. The TUM School of Management bridges various disciplines, in my case: management, technology, and finance. That, along with its ranking as one of the top universities in Germany, made me choose TUM as my destination.

What was your study experience in Heilbronn like?

I specifically chose the TUM Campus Heilbronn as it was my belief that as the first batch of students at the new TUM Campus Heilbronn, we would enjoy a more personalized classroom experience, which would be beneficial for me as I would be kickstarting my studies after several years of work experience. Now that I have completed my studies, I firmly endorse my stand since the small class size not only enabled me to get the personal attention of the professors but also encouraged me to share my opinions and questions. Furthermore, I enjoyed a healthy and cordial relationship with my fellow students as well as with the lecturers at the campus in Heilbronn. Some of my favorite memories of my time here are the Welcome Day that was organized for us on our very first day here on campus, the fun get-togethers we had with classmates, and the small trips I took with friends during semester breaks. I think Heilbronn is a beautiful city, my favorite spot being the ice cream shop right around the corner from the city hall. I often enjoyed a scoop of ice cream while waiting for my bus.

What are your plans now that you have finished your studies?

For my master’s, I was on sabbatical leave from my job in the planning and budget division at the Indian Overseas Bank. For now, I will be moving to Dublin to join my husband and will go back to working in this position. However, I might continue my education further down the road. I really enjoy working on new topics and exploring new areas.

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