Ph.D. candidate David K. Reetz wins Best Paper Award at SMS Conference

David K. Reetz, a fifth year Ph.D. candidate at the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI), won the Best Paper Award of the Behavioral Strategy Division at this year’s SMS Conference in Houston, Texas. The Strategic Management Society (SMS) is the leading association for the advancement of strategic management and their annual conference the most important research conference in the field. He received the award for a paper in which he develops theory that explains how the interplay of founders’ cognition and action affects the creation of new organizational structures. It is based on data he collected over 3 years from new ventures in Germany and the UK. The jury commented on the result of the double-blind review process, highlighting the novelty of the insights David provides, the advancement of his theory, and the quality of presentation in the paper. David’s research focuses on organization design, decision-making, and novelty, he is supervised by Prof. Dr. Oliver Alexy.

Prof. Dr. Alexy joined TUM School of Management in July 2012 as Professor of Strategic Entrepreneurship at TUM School of Management’s Academic Department Innovation and Entrepreneurship. His research revolves around the design of organizations in general, and of R&D organization in particular, and how this relates to the innovative success and strategic renewal of established companies and the establishment and growth of start-ups. In this context, he particularly focuses on the role of open and distributed innovation processes and networks, topics which are of high interest and relevance to academics and practitioners alike.

The Entrepreneurial Research Institute provides a large range of lectures and seminars to TUM School of Management students.The goal of the ERI is to help develop this field and improve our understanding of entrepreneurial individuals and organizations. One part of the research at this center takes a psychological perspective and investigates entrepreneurial cognition and decision making. The second research stream follows a business perspective and tries to understand the behavior of young organizations and factors that contribute to their success. The ERI team is interdisciplinary and composed of researchers with diverse backgrounds and qualifications, including management, psychology, economics, sociology, and natural sciences. The ERI professor team consists of Prof. Dr. Dr. Holger Patzelt, Prof. Dr. Alesy, Prof. Dr. Nicola Breugst and Prof. Hana Milanov, PhD.

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