Bachelor in Management & Technology

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Combine your management education with your passion for technology

What is your plan? To acquire outstanding skills in management or become qualified in technology or the natural sciences? With our Bachelor in Management and Technology, you can do both – and that is exactly what employers are looking for today.

The program features courses in management studies as well as in natural sciences or engineering. The program runs six semesters and allows for a semester abroad through its mobility window. You will be taught using methods that draw on the latest research as well as state-of-the-art industrial practice.

The advantage of combining management studies with technology

The structures of corporations are becoming increasingly complex: Interdependencies between corporate divisions are manifold, and traditional departmental borders are beginning to dissolve. Thus, companies need managers who combine a detailed knowledge of business, entrepreneurial skills and a solid understanding of innovation and technology.

Our bachelor’s program is designed to give you the interdisciplinary, high-level education which you need to meet these new challenges at the interface of management and technology. We regularly receive enthusiastic feedback from our corporate partners who confirm that our graduates have a competitive advantage for shaping their careers.

management studies
engineering or natural sciences
in English (with computer engineering as your specialization in engineering/natural sciences), or you choose the bilingual option with approximately 55% of courses in German and 45% in English
the first in Germany to be officially recognized by EPAS (in 2015)

What courses are included?

The program combines management studies with courses in engineering or natural sciences. Lectures, tutorials and small-group seminars will provide you with a solid theoretical basis. Technology-enhanced learning techniques are applied to deepen students’ knowledge and to apply it to real world problems.

You will also be able to follow your individual interests and choose from different specializations in each field:

Optional fields for specialization in management:

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing, Strategy & Leadership
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Economics & Policy

Fields for specialization in engineering or natural sciences:

  • Chemistry (Munich)
  • Electrical & Information Technology (Munich)
  • Informatics (Munich)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Munich)
  • Computer Engineering (Munich)
  • Renewable Resources (Campus Straubing – upon approval)

* Subject to the approval by the TUM senate and the Bavarian Ministry of Education andCultural Affairs, Science and Arts

The exploitation of fossil resources, environmental degradation and the associated climate change will change our lives. This forces us to fundamentally rethink our way of life and business. The search for raw materials and energy sources that are environmentally and climate-friendly play an essential role.

The Bachelor in Management & Technology (TUM-BWL) with the specialization in “Renewable Resources” is aimed at outstanding, highly motivated high school graduates with university entrance qualifications (e.g. Abitur) who are interested in business administration and, at the same time, want to gain basic knowledge in natural sciences and engineering with a focus on renewable resources and energies, and sustainability. Graduates of this program will be positioned right at the interface of the related professional fields. They will be prepared for a professional career combining business management know-how with sustainable management skills and profound knowledge of the use of renewable resources.

The new specialization is available to students starting the Bachelor in Management & Technology in winter semester 2017/2018. Study location is the new “TUM – Campus Straubing for Bio-Technology and Sustainability”. Here, researchers and students focus on renewable resources to replace fossil oil, coal and gas. The cultivation, chemical and material utilization as well as economic aspects concerning the production, marketing and use of renewable resources is placed in the center of their research and teaching.


Two campuses, one study program

The full Bachelor in Management & Technology program can now be studied both in Munich and in Straubing. Your study location depends on your choice of specialization in natural sciences/engineering:

  • Students studying at TUM – Campus Straubing will opt for Renewable Resources as their specialization
  • Students studying at TUM’s main campus in Munich will choose 1 of the following 5 specializations (Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Chemistry)


Straubing – a new international lighthouse of biotechnology and sustainability

Campus Straubing is an emerging location of the Technical University of Munich which is developed in close cooperation between the State of Bavaria, the city of Straubing, and companies with sustainability requirements. The city of Straubing is located approximately 130km north-east of Munich.

Students find excellent conditions for their studies in Straubing. New auditoriums and laboratories as well as stylishly renovated historic buildings are available to all students.

The close cooperation with institutions located on the science campus – the Technology and Support Centre (TFZ), the Central Agricultural Raw Material Marketing and Energy Network (C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V.) and the Fraunhofer Institute – provide further insights into research and open up professional perspectives.

Straubing is a place of short distances. The campus is within walking distance to the city center and located at the banks of the river Danube. The apartment rents are still low. The idyllic location closeto the Bavarian Forest and the colorful variety of cafés and pubs are highly attractive.



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