Doctoral Program

Information Event on Doctoral Program at TUM School of Management – January 23, 2020

Paths to a doctorate

Doctorate as a research associate

As a research associate, you will be employed as an academic assistant at the respective department or institute, where you will be closely involved in research as well as in teaching. Your dissertation supervisor will support you in your academic development and in developing your dissertation topic.

Doctorate with A scholarship

As a scholarship holder, you finance your doctorate with a stipend. Numerous foundations and other funding and research organisations support and finance highly-qualified doctoral candidates. Organizations that provide scholarships for outstanding candidates usually also support them with seminars and opportunities to exchange views within an alumni network. Please note that TUM School of Management itself does not grant doctoral stipends.

External doctorate

External doctoral candidates are employed either by an industrial company or a research institution while the academic support is provided by TUM School of Management. If you choose this path, you will need a dissertation supervisor at TUM School of Management who will support your research project as an external doctoral candidate. You will do your work and research mainly at the respective research institution or company, but you are also integrated into the academic environment at TUM School of Management.

Guest doctorate

If you are a doctoral candidate at another university in Germany or abroad, you can enroll for a guest stay at TUM School of Management for six terms at most. In order to do a guest doctorate at TUM School of Management you will have to find a professor who supervises your research at TUM School of Management. As a guest doctoral candidate, you do not need to have your diploma recognized. The participation in courses offered by TUM Graduate School is possible in individual cases. For details, please contact the Graduate Center.

In order to join our doctoral program, you have to meet the following requirements:

    • A university degree completed with above-average results (diploma, master, magister) from a German university, an equivalent German state examination (Staatsprüfung) or a master’s degree from a German University of Applied Sciences.
    • Results are regarded as above-average with a final grade of at least 2.5 (“good” in the German system). In exceptional cases, your above-average qualifications can also be proven through academic work completed after your examination.
    • Applicants with non-German degrees need to have their degrees officially recognized.
    • Special rules apply to applicants with a diploma qualification from a University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule or Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften). Please make an appointment with the Graduate Center to discuss your particular situation.
    • Confirmation from a professor at TUM School of Management that he or she is prepared to act as your academic supervisor.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact the Chair or the respective professor directly to apply as a doctoral candidate. Applicants are entirely responsible for finding a supervisor on their own account.
    • In addition to your academic supervisor, you need a mentor who will ideally support you throughout your doctorate. You can choose, for example, a former supervisor or colleague from the industry, someone you met at a conference, an employee or professor from another department, or even one of your friends or family members. Prerequisite for becoming a mentor is the completion of a doctorate
    • Please keep in mind that it is your sole responsibility to search for your supervisor as well as your mentor.
  • You do not have to pass a language test. Nevertheless, a doctorate from TUM School of Management requires very good written and spoken English skills as you should be able to speak fluently with your supervisor about your research area during your application interview. German skills are highly beneficial as well.
  • You do not have to pass a GMAT test (Graduate Management Admission Test).
  • There are no enrollment deadlines – you can apply at any time.
  • Doctoral candidates do not have to pay tuition fees.

For more information on admission requirements, please see the current TUM Doctoral Regulations.

Application steps

Please take the following steps to apply to our doctoral program:


First of all, you will have to choose your dissertation topic. Whether you already have your own research idea, or you would like to develop it with a researcher at TUM School of Management: Writing a research proposal will help you make your research project more specific and thus find an appropriate supervisor, which will be the second step.


After you have outlined your dissertation topic, you need to find a professor at TUM School of Management who is willing to supervise your doctoral research. All our professors are listed in their respective academic departments. You can find more information about finding a supervisor here. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact the Chair or the respective professor directly to apply as a doctoral candidate. Applicants are entirely responsible for finding a supervisor on their own account.


Once you have found a supervisor for your doctoral thesis, the two of you must fill in a supervision agreement. The respective document can be found here.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The document also has to be signed by the mentor at the time of application for the list of doctoral candidates.


When you have found an academic supervisor, you can apply to register as a doctoral candidate. Please note that you need to apply online to be officially entered onto the list. To do so, please visit DocGS, the online platform for doctoral candidates at the Technical University of Munich. Print out the application form, which has to be signed by the supervisor and by yourself. Submit the following completed and signed documents personally at the Graduate Center: Supervision agreement, application form from DocGS, officially certified copy of your Master’s degree certificate (no original documents!), officially certified copy of your Master’s degree transcript (no original documents!), research proposal.


  • A confirmation from a professor of TUM School of Management that he or she will supervise your dissertation is a prerequisite for registering in DocGS.
  • We only accept and process complete applications. Incomplete applications will extend the application process.
  • Please only submit officially certified copies of your Master’s degree certificate and transcript. For legal reasons, copies of your degree have to be certified even if you hold a TUM degree.
  • At the time you submit your application, your supervision agreement must state your mentor and must be signed by you, your mentor and your supervisor.
  • A personal appointment at our Graduate Center to hand in your complete application documents is mandatory for being added to the list of doctoral candidates. Please make an appointment in advance.

Information for international applicants

Applicants for doctoral studies with a citizenship other than German need to consider certain legal matters. Further information can be found below.

More Information

An option worth considering: enrollment

When you are registered, you also have the option of enrolling as a doctoral candidate at Technical University of Munich. The advantage of enrollment is that it gives you official student status. You can find more information about matriculation below.

More Information


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