Doctoral Program

Funding & scholarships

There are several ways of financing your living expenses during a doctorate. Employment as an academic assistant is the traditional way to finance a doctorate. Employment with a company or a non-university institute is another option for earning money. Furthermore, there is the possibility of being granted a scholarship. TUM School of Management grants doctoral stipends within the Academic Training Program.

For detailed information on other possibilities, please click here.

Funding for international research activities

Doctoral candidates at the Graduate Center of TUM School of Management can apply for funding for international research activities. For more information, please click here or contact the Graduate Center.

Proofreading service

In order to help with the publication process, TUM Graduate School offers you professional and discipline-related proofreading of academic articles in English. For more information, please click here or contact the Graduate Center. IMPORTANT NOTE: TUM Graduate School does not offer a proofreading service for monographies in English or German.

Submitting your dissertation

In order to submit your dissertation, you have to apply in DoCGS for this process. For more information, please click here or contact the Graduate Center.

Publishing your dissertation

You are required to publish your dissertation. The University Library at the Technical University of Munich can help you publish your dissertation quickly and in a high-profile manner. You can choose between a printed book and an electronic publication.

Good scientific practice

The foundation of scientific work is the compliance with the principles of good scientific practice. We provide you as a new academic with extensive information on these principles, which conform to the TUM Code of Conduct for Safeguarding Good Academic Practice and Procedures in Cases of Academic Misconduct of the Technical University of Munich and the corresponding memo of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

Doctoral Defenses

DateNameLocationTimeTitle of Doctoral ThesisListeners for the oral examination
tbdJan-Hauke HelmtstbdtbdKonzeption eines Controllings von Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen in produzierenden Unternehmen - Eine theoretische und empirische UntersuchungProfessors of TUM School of Management
10.02.2022Johannes Viehhauser0504.02.418 The doctoral defense is held hybrid. If you want to attend please contact amSoftware Robotics and Artificial Intelligence as an Automation Lever for Management Accounting and Back-Office AutomationGeneral public
07.02.2022Minh Thi Thúy NguyenThe doctoral defense is held virtually. If you want to attend please contact pmConsumer response to personalized price promotions for food productsProfessors of TUM School of Management
26.01.2022Harald LeibingerThe doctoral defense is held virtually. If you want to attend please contact pmFounder collaboration and opportunity development in earlystage venturingProfessors of TUM School of Management
25.01.2022Terese VenusThe doctoral defense is held virtually. If you want to attend please contact pmValuing trade-offs between renewable energy and ecosystemsProfessors of TUM School of Management
25.01.2022Eva Maria WeissenböckThe doctoral defense is held virtually. If you want to attend please contact pmEntrepreneurial Teams as the Drivers of their Ventures: Structure, Relationships, and Behaviors in Entrepreneurial TeamsMembers of TUM School of Management
24.01.2022Alexander Mario KnausThe doctoral defense is held virtually. If you want to attend please contact amGestaltung von technischen Produktänderungsprozessen - eine theoretische und empirische AnalyseProfessors of TUM School of Management
11.01.2022Alexander Kriebitz2908.05.501 The doctoral defense is held hybrid. If you want to attend please contact pmTrading with the Enemy - A Reflection on the Debate on Commercial Ties among Different Political RegimesMembers of TUM community
DateNameTitle of Doctoral Thesis
20.12.2021Alessandro GocciThe role of tradition and innovation among EU GI products and sustainable pathways within the GI scheme
15.12.2021Jenny Lyn LampmannHow we eat - An Empirical Study of Human Food-Related Behaviour in Germany
13.12.2021Aishwarya KakatkarEntrepreneurial Cognition and Well-Being in Early-Stage Ventures
07.12.2021Sebastian HelmrichDie Regulierung von Immobilien-Crowdinvesting-Plattformen: Eine rechtsökonomische Betrachtung unter Einbeziehung alternativer Gestaltungsvarianten
06.12.2021Marvin SchuthSocio-Psychological Aspects of Talent Management in Organizations
29.11.2021May Khourshed AbdelazizThe Lost, the Confused and the Haunted: Modelling subjective beliefs on and hindrances to economic integration for forced migrants
25.11.2021Marcel Philipp HüttermannFan engagement in professional team sports
23.11.2021Vadim GorskiMicrostructure of Energy Markets: Theory and Empirics
15.11.2021Andreas Michael HottenrottSmart Factory in the Automotive Industry: Design of Novel Flexible Layouts and Data-Driven Sequencing for Traditional Assembly Lines
22.10.2021Virginia HerbstRegulation in Nascent Industries: Perspectives on Market Entry, Innovation, and Corporate Political Strategy
19.10.2021Matthias KammerSpielifizierung im Ideenmanagement - Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse
06.10.2021Christoph Emil HölligOnline Employer Reviews: Text-Mining Analyses of Contents, Effects, and Employer Responsiveness
06.10.2021Nicolas Alexander SeitzDie Digitale Transformation von Geschäftsmodellen in der Energiewirtschaft am Beispiel von digitalen Energiedienstleistungen - Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse
30.09.2021Florian Valerian InderstInternationale Migrationspolitik - Eine humankapitaltheoretische Perspektive
27.08.2021Mario KeilingEssays on Shareholder Litigation, Risk Disclosure and Accounting for Crypto Assets
30.07.2021Hannah DannerSustainable Consumption - Insights from Text Mining on Consumer Perception and Agenda Setting and Implications for Consumer Behavior
30.07.2021Stephan RomeikeBlockchain Technology in Finance and Accounting: Essays on Initial Coin Offerings, Crypto Assets, and Corporate Use Cases
27.07.2021Andreas BauerWhat motivates students to act consistently pro-environmentally?
19.07.2021Friedrich Felix TackeEntrepreneurial Greed - A longitudinal examination of the impact of entrepreneurial greed on explorative behavior and on unethical pro-organizational behavior
09.07.2021Annette BeckerThe Economics of Corporate Research and Development - The Role of Specialization, the Market for Knowledge, and Founder Personality
07.07.2021Esther Hanna Caroline OstmeierCompetencies for Digital Transformation: Predictors of Proactive and Innovative Work Behaviors
07.07.2021Nicholas Andreas FolgerEssays on the Impact of Digital Transformation on Employees, Applicants, and Organizations
29.06.2021Alexandre Remo Guy ForelRolling-horizon production planning for seasonal and uncertain demand
25.06.2021Steffen WindmüllerEssays on Empirical Asset Pricing
24.06.2021Anna Magdalena HeppEssays on Digital Marketing in the Building Materials Industry
09.06.2021Natascha Ariane Maria BellDeterminants and consequences of CSR disclosure: normative and empirical evidence
01.06.2021Florian Felix Gerhard StahlInfluences on purchase intention for bioplastic products and consumer preferences for bio-based apparel in Germany
20.05.2021Henry Friedrich KepplerEssays on Ownership over the Company Life Cycle
19.05.2021Moritz Jakob BohlandCompetition Policy and Market Design in Low-Carbon Energy Markets
30.04.2021Paul Ramon Richard SuttererEssays on Bidding Strategies and Auction Design
01.04.2021Michael VetterAcquisitions and Open Source Software Development
25.03.2021Lina ReypensEntrepreneurial Resource Mobilization Under Resource Scarcity: Examining the Nexus of Agency and Context
22.03.2021Magnus Emanuel StrobelThree Essays on the Economics of Managerial Decision-Making
19.03.2021Michaela SöllnerPaving the Way for Medical AI: Consumer Response to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
03.03.2021Sara CaprioliEssays on Product Design and Consumer Behavior
05.02.2021Christoph Hubertus Maximilian GroßmannEuropean Insolvencies: A Law and Case Perspective
26.01.2021Goncalo de Almeida TercaEssays on Stochastic Optimization with Applications to Energy Storage Valuation
22.01.2021Christoph HeilmannThree Essays on Controlled Charging Applications of Plug-in Electric Vehicles
DateNameTitle of Doctoral Thesis
21.12.2020Lisa Katharina TeubnerIndustry consortia in mobile telecommunications: Firm behaviour, taxonomy, and implications for practitioners and policymakers
17.12.2020Armin GranuloThree Essays on the Psychology of Technological Job Replacement and Offshoring
14.12.2020Benjamin Sebastian StröbeleAusgestaltung eines Supply Chain Controllings im modularen und seriellen Hausbau
11.12.2020Dominik FischerEssays on Reliability of Intelligent Systems, Cognition in Organization Theory and Digitalization in Financial Accounting
08.12.2020Anna MokerEssays on Digital Transformation in Organizations
26.11.2020Layla MartinRebalancing in Shared Mobility Systems
26.11.2020 Andre RetterathEssays on Machine Learning and the Value of Data in Venture Capital
26.11.2020Daniel FrechenUnpuzzling Performance Heterogeneity in Private Equity: An Essay Collection
26.11.2020Nils DorauPrivate Equity: A People’s Business? - Three Essays on the Human Element in a Maturing Private Equity Industry
09.11.2020Verena DeppingQuantitative environmental and economic sustainability analyses of food supply chains: The case of novel dairy products
22.10.2020Max HaaseEntrepreneurial motivation: The role of the opportunity, team, and uncertainty
21.10.2020Felix HofmannEmployee stock ownership and employee performance: Why does ownership affect individual performance?
19.10.2020Daniel HuberAn Analysis of Liquidity, Mispricing, and Factor Models in International Markets
25.09.2020Christopher FritzEssays on Capital Structure, Dividend Payments and Quarterly Disclosure
22.09.2020Phillip Oliver KriettOptimization-based approaches for product platform design, production planning, and capacity modeling in semiconductor supply chains
22.09.2020Yanan YangEmerging Giants’ Up-market Post-Merger Integration: Modes and Influencing Factors of Chinese Integration in Germany
18.09.2020Oreoluwa Olumide OlaLinking smallholder farmers to modern agricultural value chains
14.08.2020Fridolin Sascha PflugmannEnergy and Security: new challenges of the transition to a lowcarbon economy
30.07.2020Johannes TrenkleDigital Transformation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - Strategy, Management Control, and Network Involvement
20.07.2020Fabian FischerGestaltung ökoeffizienter Geschäftsmodelle bei Logistikdienstleistern
20.07.2020Daniel BeckInstruments to Overcome Capital Market Frictions: On Financial Disclosure, Information Intermediaries, and Executive Compensation
14.07.2020Alexander JungwirthVehicle Routing with Time Windows and Flexible Delivery Locations
17.06.2020Nicolas GollREFORMS, INCENTIVES AND FLEXIBILIZATION - Five Essays on Retirement
26.05.2020Philipp August AbelEssays on Performance Measurement with Data Envelopment Analysis: Linking Theory and Practice
18.05.2020Petteri LeppänenEmbracing causal complexity in the study of organizational performance
14.05.2020Helmut Karl Werner NiesnerKostenrechnung in deutschen Krankenhäusern - Vergleich des Implementierungsstands und Analyse der Wirkungen auf den Erfolg
28.04.2020David Philipp Konrad MatthäusRenewable Energy Policies in Times of Climate Change
24.04.2020Christian Daniel RufWorkforce Planning in Manufacturing and Service Industries
23.04.2020Maximilian Reinhard PohlRunway Scheduling During Winter Operations - Models, Methods, and Applications
22.04.2020Lirike NezirajThree Essays on Post-Financial Crisis Banking Supervision Programs in the European Union
21.04.2020Daniel BiasThree Essays on Finance and Labor
04.03.2020Stephanie Katja RehbockLeader and Follower Perspectives on Leadership, Identity, and Career Requirements - Empirical Evidence from the Academic Context
18.02.2020Anne GreulThe role of knowledge in the creation and evaluation of radical product ideas - Empirical studies in the 3D printing and automotive industry
12.02.2020Hannes RuschCoordination, Cooperation, Collaboration - Three Studies on Human Capacities for Coaction
05.02.2020Christoph Konrad Otto LinglWirkungsweise des EU-Schulobst- und Gemüseprogramms auf den Obst- und Gemüsekonsum von Grundschulkindern in Bayern
DateNameTitle of Doctoral Thesis
18.12.2019Alexandra Nicola WelzReasons, Influencing Factors and Pattern of Herbal Medicine Usage in Germany
16.12.2019Julian Christopher HackingerSource-Dependent Preferences: Theory and Applications
11.12.2019Jan-Niklas BartelA New Perspective on Managerial Careers: Three Sequence Analyses of Executive Career Paths
09.12.2019Maxim Aleksandrovic EgorovMoral Intuition: A Novel Perspective on Ethically-Oriented Leadership and Ethically-Oriented Leader Development
04.12.2019Marcin Pawel BartkowiakEssays on Audit Failures, Restatements and Audit Market Structure
28.11.2019Philipp Max HartmannProfiting from Artificial Intelligence: Data as a source of competitive advantage
27.11.2019Sara BauerDecision making in the Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry
27.11.2019Robert Alexander HeigermoserEssays on Capital Structure Determinants and Economic Policy Uncertainty
18.11.2019Ulf SteinbergPower in Organizations: Empirical and Theoretical Advances
12.11.2019Verena Katharina Maria LimbrunnerExecutive Compensation: Effects on Risk Taking and Influence of Physical Attractiveness
11.11.2019Bernhard MohrImproving Consumer Choices using Dynamic Feedback on Digital Devices
04.11.2019Barbara StolzEmpirical analyses of investment biases - Lessons from venture capital
28.10.2019Robert Helmut BaumhofEinflussfaktoren auf das energetische Sanierungsverhalten von privaten Ein- und Zweifamilienhausbesitzern
24.10.2019Christian StollEconomics of Climate Change: Three Essays on Policy and Technology
30.09.2019Hanna Maria SittenthalerThe Impact of Monetary and Non-Monetary Incentives: An Experimental Analysis
27.09.2019Laura Marie LangInnovative Mobility Concepts for the Future of Transport: Organizational Strategy and Consumer Behavior
24.09.2019Christian Uwe KleinSystemic Risk and Contagion beyond the Banking Sector - Empirical Studies on Insurers and Real Sector Firms
24.09.2019Marcel MaierThree Essays on Corporate Governance, Shareholder Activism, and Economic Policy Risk
20.09.2019Per PaulsenCoordination in Multi-Unit Package Auctions
16.09.2019Friedrich Volker WalcherOvercoming the Challenges of Variable Renewable Energy - On Mitigating Risks, Enhancing Value, and Providing Flexibility
02.09.2019Reinhard Christoph Jungnik Freiherr von WittkenApplying a Process Organization Perspective in the Context of Corporate Sustainability
02.08.2019Tobias Benedict HlavkaAcquisitions in the Information and Communication Technology IndustryBuyer Capabilities, Technology Hype, and Target Maturity
01.08.2019Anna Maria WagenschwanzThe Power of the Self: Investigating the Identity of Entrepreneurs in Social Ventures
01.08.2019Julian LudatEssays on Corporate Venture Capital
26.07.2019Patrick Julian OehlerOrganizational routines, creative projects, and their antecedents - Causal evidence from laboratory experiments
25.07.2019Sabrina Eich (geb. Lucke)Persuasive communication to promote health and the environment
17.07.2019Teresa Wanjiku SchuetzeichelEssays in Household Financial Capability among Kenyan Households focused on Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy
02.07.2019Wiebke Selina LévyNew perspectives on education technology and performance measurement: Exploring the opportunities and challenges
24.06.2019Alexandra MittermaierDoing well by doing good: A study of entrepreneurial action for the well-being of others
17.06.2019Rose SattariThe development of entrepreneurial opportunities - Understanding the nexus between founding teams, opportunity beliefs, and communities of inquiry
13.06.2019Christopher HellmannWirtschaftliche Rechtfertigung der Elektromobilität bei Logistikdienstleistern - Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse
06.06.2019Christian MandlOptimal Procurement and Inventory Control in Volatile Commodity Markets - Advances in Stochastic and Data-Driven Optimization
04.06.2019Gunter GlenkEconomics of Renewable Hydrogen
29.05.2019Sebastian EckertGestaltung und Bewertung von Baukastensystemen für modulare Produktionsstrukturen
22.05.2019Nadine BernklauEmployee identity: A theoretical and empirical examination of the factors (determinants) influencing the employee’s identity formation
13.05.2019Klaus HärtlFostering Sustainability in Times of Aging: Pension Policies and Household Behavior in a Macroeconomic Setting
12.04.2019Moritz FischerAcquisition of new technology firms - Pioneering advantages and disadvantages of sellers and buyers
10.04.2019Patrick HöflingerMulti-Method Essays on Innovation in High-Technology Firms
11.03.2019Rebecca PrellerThe Entrepreneurial Team Journey: Collectively Exploring the Venture’s Future
05.03.2019Eric ZimmerlingEssays on Innovation and Knowledge Management
27.02.2019Florian BotzlerVerkaufsbereitschaft von Landwirten für biogene Ressourcen - Einflussfaktoren auf das Entscheidungsverhalten bei Verkauf von Grünlandaufwuchs in Deutschland
11.02.2019David NienaberBedeutung und Schutz von Geschäftsgeheimnissen im Mittelstand
06.02.2019Dariush Tavaghof GiglooEssays on dynamic production and safety stock planning
29.01.2019Kiryo AbrahamTechnologiesprünge in der Wertschöpfungskette
29.01.2019Harsman TandilittinEthics and Corporate Social Responsibility of the Tobacco Industry in Indonesia
18.01.2019David ReetzEmbracing uncertainty: A study of organizational search and structure
14.01.2019Gian-Marco KokottEquilibrium Bidding in Ex-Post Split-Award Auctions
14.01.2019Jan GogollExperimental and Normative Ethics: The Case of Autonomous Cars

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