Master in Consumer Science

Understand Your
Target Group

Manage consumers’ needs in
a global and digitized world

This master’s program will help you achieve your goal of becoming an expert in consumer research with a unique international and interdisciplinary profile. The program offers an inspiring combination of management studies and social and consumer sciences, combined with strong links to technological disciplines.

To follow this program you should have an academic background in management, economics or another social science such as sociology, psychology or communication sciences. You must have a bachelor’s degree in one of these areas with at least 15 ECTS credits in research methods, including statistics.


In today’s interconnected world, consumer science is becoming more and more important. Companies, governments, NGOs and research institutions all over the globe are looking for graduates who understand how consumers operate in their economic, social and environmental contexts, against the backdrop of ongoing digitization. As a specialist in consumer research with interdisciplinary and international experience, you will be in an excellent position to meet the requirements of future employers.


The Master in Consumer Science (MCS) at TUM School of Management is one of a kind in Germany. It guarantees you a unique academic experience with fellow students from many different countries and academic backgrounds. This diversity, combined with the broad curriculum of the program, nurtures the exchange of different perspectives, fosters intercultural skills and prepares you for a successful career in an international setting.

The MCS program combines perspectives from a variety of disciplines, which makes it particularly challenging. You will need a sound theoretical and methodological foundation. This is provided mainly by courses during the first two semesters, preparing you for more specialized courses in your last two semesters.

The program includes a mandatory Project Studies module that provides you with hands-on experience in a practical, interdisciplinary environment.

All students spend at least a short period abroad as part of their degree. This gives you an intercultural sensitivity that will greatly benefit you as a manager.

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May 18, 2022

possible specializations
Semesters duration
ECTS credits per semester
in English (knowledge of German increases your course choices)


The MCS program includes several options for pursuing your own academic interests. All students select one of the three specializations in Management currently* offered:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E)
  • Management & Marketing (M&M)
  • Economics & Econometrics (E&E)

*These specializations in Management are applicable to students who start the program as of winter semester 2022/23.

Within the specialization, you choose your own core modules.

The program also includes a wide range of additional electives (30 credits in total) that allow you to shape your personal profile. We recommend the following profiles in particular:

Interdisciplinary Profile

Thanks to the way the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is structured, all MCS students are exposed to different disciplines within their core studies. Students who are particularly interested in technological aspects can choose additional modules from TUM’s technology departments as their electives.

Management Profile

The Management Profile allows you to take additional management courses at TUM School of Management. This option is ideal if you wish to improve your management skills.

International Profile

The International Profile is the right choice if you wish to spend a semester abroad and take additional courses at your host university. This will improve your intercultural understanding and hone your international skills.


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