Master in Management


For our Bachelor’s program (Bachelor in Management & Technology) and our Master’s programs (Master in Management & Technology, Master in Management and Master in Consumer Affairs) at the Tum School of Management it’s unfortunately not possible to study part-time or online.

Yes. If you want to apply for more than one program, please send us a separate application for each program you are applying for. This includes ALL documents, including certified copies. Each application will be processed separately.

For technical problems, please contact TUMonline support via For other issues with the online application, please contact (Please be sure to include your applicant or enrollment number on all correspondence.)

Please send your printed application form with signature and all the required application documents to:

TU München
Bewerbung und Immatrikulation
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München

Generally,admissions apply to all following applications in the respective degree program. Please make sure to read through the following information as there are some formal prerequisites you will have to meet:

You will have to submit only the application form and an updated CV, unless your application was over a year ago in which case you will have to submit all documents again.

If you send a TOEFL-test to us via ETS, please use the following TOEFL code: University 7806, department 99 (“any department not listed”).

It is not necessary for you to enroll in person at the Students Office. Once you have submitted all of the required documents and paid your study fees (more information here:, you will automatically be enrolled. However, to start studying at TUM you will have to personally get your Student Card from the SSZ Service Desk.

Generally speaking, admissions apply to all following applications in the respective degree program. Please make sure to read through the following information as there are some formal prerequisites you will have to meet:

Due to the vast amount of inquiries, we cannot make any statement on your eligibility in advance. Please apply within the application period and your documents will be checked carefully. The final decision will be made during the application process. Please refrain from sending transcripts for pre-review

It is not necessary to provide a proof of proper health insurance at the time of application. It is sufficient to provide the respective document for enrollment after you have been admitted. Please refer to more information regarding health insurance here:

Deadlines for international applicants are the same as for national applicants.

As TUM Munich is a public German university, there are no tuition fees! Students are required to pay the student union and basic semester ticket fees for each semester they are enrolled. For details and further information on fees and financial aid please see:

Questions regarding credit transferring will be answered by the institutes after the admission procedure is completed.

No. You need to have completed at least 140 ECTS by the time you apply as evident in your Transcript of records. You can hand in your Bachelor’s degree certificate up until 5 weeks after the start of lectures. Please note that a failure to do so will result in a forced de-registration (‘Zwangsexmatrikulation’), regardless of the reason!

The application period for the winter semester 2018/2019 starts on April 1st 2018 and ends on Mai 31st 2018.

A full list can be found here:


No, to apply you must only submit evidence of proficiency in English. However, as a foreign student you may be required to provide proof of basic German language proficiency (comparable to A1 level) by the end of the second semester.

Yes, you must have earned an undergraduate degree in natural sciences or engineering, because this program is aimed exclusively at graduates of these fields of studies to then receive skills in management, law, economics and business.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM), UPM, POLIMI and Heriot-Watt University (HWU) have signed a cooperation agreement for a joint “International Master in Industrial Management” (IMIM) program. Please contact the Program Manager for more information.

In order to apply to the Master’s Program in Management you need to provide the following documents:

  • Transcript of Records (140 Credits)
  • Proof of proficiency in English
  • Curricular Analysis
  • Essay
  • CV
  • signed application form


Please Note: You will get the full list of documents that have to be submitted after the application procedure. The above list is not guaranteed to be correct and/or complete.

Please find all the necessary information on Notarization of Documents here:

Please have a look at our new Youtube-Video with lots of general information on the Master in Management:

You can find the link in your personal account as seen in the picture: (Please note the link is only a example, please look at your application to find your registration link)

It is not necessary to provide a proof of proper health insurance at the time of application. It is sufficient to provide the respective document for enrollment after you have been admitted. Please refer to more information regarding health insurance here:


9MX-9B-34 for Master in Management

9MX-9B-88 for Master in Management & Technology

9MX-9B-30 for Master in Consumer Science

Please only fill in subjects from one degree. If you have subjects that you want to have considered (for example economics for the MMT program), please write a separet statement with a list of subjects that you want to have considered for the requirements and also submit your transcript from your second degree so we can double check the modules.

You can find the current link in the TUMOnline portal during your application

Have a look here:

No, unfortunately we only accept a GMAT.

Generally speaking, your application process is the same as for national applicants. There are a few exceptions that may or may not apply to you.

  • If you are applying with a bachelor’s degree from a country outside the European Union / Switzerland / Liechtenstein / Iceland / Norway you will have to turn in an application with Uni Assist before the end of the application period, for more details around this process please refer here: Please note that you only have to apply with Uni-Assist before the end of the application period, you can turn in the respective Uni –Assist document (VPD) at TUM once Uni – Assist has provided you with it (please send it via email directly to and include your applicant’s number).Since the preliminary documentation (VPD) from Uni-Assist is valid for all Master degree programmes at TUM, you do not need to enter a specific programme name when applying for the documentation. Please select “alle Fächer” / “all programmes” on the Uni-Assist website.
  • In addition, there are a few countries where there are special requirements in place as well:

General information

You can visit the TUM campus any time and do an interactive campus tour using your tablet or smartphone. You can find more information about this here.

Occasionally there are guided campus tours led by current TUM Students. Please check here for available guided tours.

You can find all information regarding financial aid here.

Go to your profile in TUMonline, click on “Study status/Curriculum” and choose the desired examination from your schedule of courses. If you would like to sign up for an exam that is not part of your curriculum, click on “Exam Registration/Withdrawal” in your profile. Here you can search and register for the relevant exam by clicking on “Register”. You can find a detailed manual here.

If you are experiencing difficulties registering for an exam, please contact stating your full name, student ID number and a detailed description of the problem.

All information about examination withdraw due to medical reasons can be found here.

Yes, special accommodations can be arranged. All relevant information can be found here.

According to the ideal program timeline you should absolve 30 ECTS per semester.

You can replace elective modules by other elective modules. If you absolve more modules than required, the modules with the best grades will be counted automatically. The other modules will appear under the section additional modules in your transcript.


First of all, we advise you to contact your program manager as early as possible. Your program manager will discuss with you possible solutions to allow for successful study progress and graduation, and identify further steps to do. Students suffering from health problems or affected by other extraordinary circumstances may even apply for a grace period to the examination board. For details, please contact your program manager. You can find the contact details of your program manager here.

Recognition of existing qualifications / credit transfers

Recognition of previous courses, credits and examinations is governed under Paragraph 16 of TUM’s General Academic and Examination Regulations. You can only apply for recognition of previous examinations once, and you must apply to the relevant examination committee during your first year of study. If you are taking a double degree program at TUM you can apply as long as you are officially registered for both degrees.

All existing qualifications can be recognized. However, if they make up more than 50% of the required credits you will not be able to add “TUM” to your degree title.

No, it’s either/or. Also, if you fail an exam as part of your TUM course, you can’t then have an existing qualification in the same subject recognized. Likewise, you can’t take an exam if you’ve already had an existing qualification recognized, unless it’s for a different elective.

No, but bear in mind that you will automatically be moved into the next semester in the following situations:

  • If you have more than 29 credits transferred during the course of your degree (i.e. even if they are transferred in different semesters).
  • If you have more than 21 credits transferred from a single semester when you were on a leave of absence.

1) Recognition of courses/credits from TUM. 

Please send an email to the relevant person in Grades and Examinations Office (see below) with the following details:

  • Your matriculation number
  • Module name
  • Module number
  • Your grade report

After the documents have been checked you will be told which courses/credits can be recognized 1:1 and for which you need to consult the relevant Chair. In the latter case you should submit the following to the Chair in question:

  • Your grade report
  • Relevant course outlines
  • A completed credit transfer form

2) Recognition of courses/credits from other German universities. 

You should submit the following to the relevant Chair:

  • Your grade report or certificate(s)
  • Relevant course outlines
  • A completed credit transfer form

3) Recognition of courses/credits from abroad. 

For information about recognition of courses/credits from overseas universities, click here.

4) Recognition of Master’s examinations taken during your Bachelor’s Program – only applies to students who took the TUM Bachelor in Management & Technology (TUM-BWL). 

Master’s examinations taken during your Bachelor’s Program can only be recognized if you apply in advance to the relevant person in the Grades and Examinations Office and your application is approved (see information sheet “Taking Master’s examinations early”). Please submit your application for Master’s examinations taken early to be recognized to the relevant person in the Grades and Examinations Office after you matriculate as a Master’s student.


If your credits/courses are recognized you will receive a confirmation email. Please bear in mind that this process may take two to three weeks. Credits/courses that have been recognized are not shown in the exam results. Instead, they are listed under “Credits/courses recognized”. To see what credits/courses have been recognized, you can also refer to your grade report, where they are marked *).

Please refer to the website or office management of the relevant Chair to find out who you should submit your application to. Do not submit your application directly to a professor or teacher unless you are specifically told that they are the person responsible. Submit “1:1 recognitions” and applications that have been approved by the International Office to the relevant person in the Grades and Examinations Office (see below). Applications approved by Chairs are generally sent internally by the Chair itself to the relevant person in the Grades and Examinations Office.

Yes, we need a written confirmation for each kind of international experience because you have to verify that your stay abroad meets the time period required.

We don´t deal with the documents daily, we collect the cases and edit them in blocks. So it will take about a week till you will get a confirmation about the reception of your complete documents.

Your report will be examined and either it will be recognized or you will get some recommendations how to improve your report. If the report is recognized you will get an e-mail and some days later the ECTS will be shown in tumonline. The working process could take about 7-8 weeks. So it is recommended NOT to send the documents just before the end of the semester!

It´s the higher education entrance qualification that allows you to study at the TUM.

In general the IE is assigned to the same semester in which it is edited. This could take between 2-6 weeks. If it´s important that the recognition is assigned to a certain semester, you have to emphasize this in the mail. But don´t forget to take enough time for our working process into account!

No, the report will only be recognized or not.

Writing and formatting your final thesis

No. Please discuss this in advance with your supervisor. You can download a suggested cover page and the Declaration of Authorship form from our download section. You are welcome to use the cover page of the Chair where your thesis is being supervised as long as it contains the same information as our suggested cover page.

If the title of your thesis changes significantly while you are writing it, your supervisor must confirm to us by email that he or she agrees to the change of title and that the topic of the thesis has not changed. If the change in title is only minor, you do not have to let us know and your supervisor does not have to write to us to confirm this.

Submitting your final thesis

Three bound copies. The two copies meant for the supervisor will be passed on by the Grades and Examination Office.

No. A scanned signature is not valid.

Yes. Please note: The submission deadline given in the email sent by the Grades and Examinations Office confirming registration is the official deadline for submission and is therefore binding.

  • At the Service Point of the TUM School of Management (room 1554). Mo – Fr 9 am – 4 pm
  • On no account should you hand your thesis in to your supervisor, office management or the Examination Office.
  • The Grades and Examinations Office will pass copies on to your supervisor.

Please put it in a suitable envelope and hand it in at the main gate on Arcisstrasse 21.

  • Use the address label which you can obtain on request from the Service Point or via mail from the relevant person in the Grades and Examinations Office.
  • In advance, get a “Permission to view this thesis” declaration form from the relevant person at the Service Point or in the Grades and Examinations Office, fill it in, and put it in the envelope together with your thesis.


Yes. A special authorization is not required.

  • Yes, but we advise you to hand it in in person. If you do submit by post, you should send your thesis to the following address:
  • Technische Universität München
  • TUM School of Management
  • Grade Management Bachelor or Master
  • Arcisstrasse 21
  • 80333 Munich
  • Please note: The submission date is considered the date on which your thesis actually reaches us in the Grades and Examinations Office.
  • In advance, get a “Permission to view this thesis” declaration form from the Service Point or the relevant person in the Grades and Examinations Office, fill it in, and put it in the envelope together with your thesis.

The date on which you actually submit the thesis at the Service Point or portal, not the date of the grade announcement or the latest closing date.

  • All final theses that are submitted within the first week after the beginning of the lectures will be taken into account for the previous semester. Please inform yourself about the dates of the semester on our homepage: Deadline is on Sunday even though you might be allowed to hand it in on Monday!
  • Please note: For the submission of your final thesis you officially have to be registered as a student even if it is assigned to the previous semester.

Leave of absence

It must be explicitly a full-time internship. Student traineeships, trainee programs, etc. will not be considered. The length of the internship must be at least 50% of the lecture period. If the internship lasts an odd number of weeks, round the number of weeks up.

You may take no more than two semesters off for internships during your degree.

  1. Request for leave of absence (TUMonline): You must submit the application form at the latest by the end of the first day of lectures of the semester in question. Forms submitted late will not be considered.
  2. Copy of the internship contract (at the latest five weeks after the first day of lectures).
  3. Recommendation for the internship issued by TUM School of Management (at the latest five weeks after the first day of lectures).
  • Five weeks after the first day of lectures is the deadline for the Registrar’s Office. The application forms for the recommendation for the internship must reach the administration of TUM School of Management at the latest three weeks after the first day of lecture.

Submit all the documents in one go, as far as possible given the deadlines. Responsibility for submitting all the documents on time and in full lies solely with you. If you can’t submit the documents yourself, ask a friend to submit them for you. They do not require special authorization for this.

Apply to the relevant Examination Committee at TUM School of Management and submit the required documents to the relevant contact person (see below). Please find all information about which documents are needed in the Download-Section of your study program under “General Information Material”. The recommendation will be sent to you by post at the address you provide.

  • Application in the form of a letter (approximately one A4 page in total)
    • Your current address at the top of the letter
    • Addressee: Examination Committee, TUM-BWL Bachelor or Master
    • Date
    • Subject line
    • Salutation: Dear Sir or Madam
    • When, where, and why you want to do the internship
    • Your signature
  • Internship contract, with the necessary signatures of all parties
    • A copy of the contract is sufficient in most cases (not guaranteed).
    • If necessary further confirmations will be demanded or you may be requested to present the original contract.

Application letter and scan of the internship contract may be send together via e-mail to your contact person. Please note that we have to have your application documents at the latest three weeks before the first day of lectures, as it takes around two weeks to process them.

Personally to the Student Service Center Or by email to In the subject line put your name, matriculation number, and the words “Application for a leave of absence.”

Project Studies

  • Bachelor in Management & Technology (TUM-BWL) à required
  • Master in Management (Track 1) – TUM-WIN à required
  • Master in Consumer Science à required
  • Master in Management (Track 2) – TUM-NAWI à optional
  • Master in Consumer Affairs à optional
  • Master in Management à optional
  • Master in Management & Technology à optional

A minimum of two and usually a maximum of five.

There is no set rule, but we recommend:

  • Fifth semester for Bachelor’s students
  • Third semester for Master’s students


No. You cannot be on a leave of absence at any point during the Project Studies module.


There is no set rule, but we recommend:

  • Three months full time
  • Six months part time


You can be supervised by a Chair or jointly by a company and a Chair. Projects are advertised here and on the websites of the various Chairs.

Hand in your project report to the Chair where you are supervised, either directly to your supervisor or to the office management. Do not hand in your report to the Grades and Examinations Office. Discuss any questions relating to the format, number of pages, etc. of your project report with your supervisor. The School authorities do not have any rules about this.


Your grade appears on your grade report and under “Credits/courses recognized” in your TUMonline account.

The project end date as given on the grade announcement, not the date of the grade announcement. If the project end date falls within one week of the start of lectures, the grade for the project counts in the previous semester. This only applies to the Project Studies module and not in the case of final theses.
Important: Please agree on your project title (in German and English) with your supervisor and your fellow team members in advance. This title will be entered on your grade announcement and appear on your certificate.


Program information

A list of available modules for every specialization  will be released upon the beginning of each semester under “course schedules” on the website of your degree program (e.g. end of September for winter term, end of March for summer term). Furthermore, you can find information about suitable modules in your curricular support in TUMonline.

By registering for a module belonging to a certain specialization, TUMonline will automatically allocate the respective specialization to your account. This will happen at least after you have passed the module and the final grade is confirmed. In exceptional cases, the system cannot process the choice of specialization automatically. In this case, please contact your program manager.

Students enrolled in the NAWI degree program can replace the project studies with 12 ECTS achieved through academic courses in the area of their first degree on Master’s level. Only courses offered by TUM’s natural science faculties apply for these electives. After screening the course offerings of the respective faculties in your field, please contact your program manager in order to finalize your course selection and discuss further steps.

The elective modules of the specialization in management/the electives area are selected with the greatest care and in close coordination with the Academic Departments. The Curricula Support in TUMonline portrays modules which are profitable for you. The Student Council of TUM School of Management collect suggestions on new modules which should be included in the catalogue. The suggestions will be taken into consideration by members of Quality Circle before the start of every new semester. Therefore, please contact the Student Council:

Please note that at TUM it is possible to take each module voluntarily as free subject.

Teaching Evaluation

TUM SoM students can review teaching evaluation results in the office of the quality management (1553). A previous arranged appointment and a valid student identity card are mandatory. For making an appointment please contact with a short e-mail to

According to §10 of the Bavarian Higher Education Law (BayHSchG) the teaching quality is regularly evaluated through student questionnaires.

The objective of the evaluation is the continuous improvement of teaching at the TUM SoM. The teaching evaluation data is the basis for:

  • Feedback to lecturers about their courses
  • Discussions about potential improvements
  • Enhanced communication between students and lecturers

The teaching evaluation gives students the possibility to actively contribute to the improvement of teaching.

Each semester students are asked to evaluate the courses they visited. The survey is anonymous and is executed through a standardized questionnaire, which varies depending on the format of the course (lecture, tutorial, seminar, internship and excursion). The questionnaires are available in English or German. On a 5-point Likert scale students give feedback about the extent of agreement and disagreement to different areas (e.g. conception and structure, knowledge impartment, learning environment, appropriate degree of difficulty and acquisition of competency). Open text fields allow for further ideas of improvement and comments.

For each course and question the following measures will be calculated:

  • Relative frequency of each answer category
  • Mean value
  • Standard deviation
  • Median

Completing a questionnaire requires approximately 10-15 minutes. Paper-based surveys will be conducted by an ad-hoc named student and will be handed to the office of the quality management (1553).

A PDF-report comprising the results of the survey will be generated for each course. As soon as results are available the report including the comments will be sent to the respective lecturers.
We ask the lecturers to use the opportunity to discuss survey outcomes with students during the course.

Lecturers with outstanding results will be suggested by the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs for the “Best Teaching Award”, which is awarded every year during the “Tag der Fakultät”.

Yes. The utilized system EvaSys provided by Electic Paper does not allow to trace any information back to individual students.

If you have any questions or if you want to evaluate an additional course, please contact Katharina Noack under

Support and Perspectives

For general advice about studying at TUM, the TUM Student Advising Office offers assistance in person or via telephone:

Student Service Center
Student Advising & Prospective Students Programs
Arcisstr. 21, Ground floor, room 0140
80333 Munich
Tel.: +

If you are a Bachelor student, please write to
If you are a Master student, please write to

You may also contact your Program Manager or the Program Assistants. Please find an overview of office hours and telephone numbers here:

The student council is another possible contact for tackling problems, which occur during your studies at TUM. Please contact the Fachschaft TUM SOM for further questions:

In general, TUM supports you throughout all stages of your career planning: From tracking your profile and hunting for a job to successfully managing your career entry – and beyond. Please find an overview here:

For TUM School of Management students, we are happy to offer you assistance with all issues regarding your TUM School of Management experience. Please reach out to our career Manager via phone or email, or see the business hours of our offices for personal consultation.

Pursuing a university education while coping with family obligations represents a special challenge. TUM is committed to supporting its students in managing this balancing act. Please check:

By the way, the Munich Student Union currently provides 500 spaces in 21 different crèches in Munich, Freising, Garching and Rosenheim. For further details, please check:

TUM strives to ensure that students with disabilities and chronic illnesses have equal and independent access to a university education and student life. The office for current and prospective students with disabilities and chronic illnesses offers support and advice on a wide range of matters such as examination procedures, disability accommodations, applying for electronic learning aids and much more. Please check:

At TUM School of Management, the contact responsible for handling the academic affairs of students with disabilities and chronic illnesses is the Program Manager of your study Program.
You can contact your Program Manager directly or get in touch via
Please find an overview of office hours and telephone numbers here:

Further, the Munich Student Union offers to help you to compensate for the disadvantages at which you might find yourself due to your disability or illness. They inform you of all kinds of grants and financial benefits to which you may be entitled and can help you find a self-help group appropriate for you. Please go to:

The Munich Student Union
The student union takes care of the economic, social, health and cultural well-being of students in Germany. Please check their website:

The support team of the Federal Employment Agency advises you on topics such as perspectives upon completing your studies, getting started on the job and chances on the job market. Also, the agency organizes seminars and info events for students and academics. For individual counseling please write to:
Also, check their website:

Moreover, the City of Munich offers free-of-charge consulting for students on various topics. For further details, please go to:

If you are looking for a job or would like to get information about the job market and your employment possibilities, a first start can be the website of the Federal Employment Agency:
For a personal appointment, please get in touch with your local Jobcenter or call +49 800 4555500 (toll-free).

Further, the TUM job board displays current openings and suitable positions at renowned companies. All companies presenting their offers on our job board have a strong interest in students of TUM School of Management. The job board offers full-time jobs, internships and other placements that specifically match our students’ profiles:

General information and consulting can be found on the following websites:,1732,90.html

At TUM, the entrepreneurship center “UnternehmerTUM” offers founders and start-ups a complete service, from the initial idea all the way to stock market flotation. A team of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and managers supports founders with the development of their products, services and business models. The experts accompany them actively with building up their companies, market entry and financing – also via Venture Capital. Check:

The TUM job board displays current openings and suitable positions at renowned companies. All companies presenting their offers on our job board have a strong interest in students of TUM School of Management. The job board offers full-time jobs, internships and other placements that specifically match our students’ profiles:

When you are starting to re-orientate, online tests can be a good starting point to determine which study program or job suits your interest. However, every test is always just a first step of the process and needs to be accompanied by tools such as personal advising, internships and direct exchange with people working in the field of your interest. Some helpful starting points:

The links above can also be useful when you are already a student and consider changing your study Program.
If you are unhappy with your current study program but would like to continue studying in general, changing your study program might be the right option for you. You should start by considering the possibilities and consequences of changing your study program.
In most cases you cannot simply change the program within your University but rather need to go through the entire application process again.

If you want to change your subjects, your major or courses of study, please also check the following website:

Additionally, the following websites might be helpful:

After exmatriculation, regardless of the reason for exmatriculation, your social security status as “student” will end. This has the following consequences:
– You have to start paying your own health insurance fees (If you are 23 or under there is the possibility that you can be insured via your parents.)
– No payments will be made for you in the statutory pension insurance.
– Your Parents might no longer receive Child benefit payments (Kindergeld).
– Former Students usually do not receive Unemployment Benefit I (Arbeitslosengeld I), since it is an insurance benefit which requires you to have paid contributions to the social security system. However, you may be eligible to file for Unemployment Benefit II (Arbeitslosengeld II (Hartz IV)). You can find more Information on this Topic here:


Do you have further questions on our services or need additional Information about school? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, you can also send us your inquiry by means of our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Service Point
    First contact point for all students of the TUM School of Management
    All general questions, receiving certificates and other documents or submitting bachelor/master theses
  • Phone +49 (89) 289 25000
  • Room 1554
  • Office hours

    Monday until Friday 9:00 a.m until 4:00 p.m.