Master in Management & Innovation


The Master in Management & Innovation welcomes applications from young and motivated candidates of all nationalities holding a university degree of at least three years having obtained 180 ECTS.The program is a complete education in general management with a special focus of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology and therefore admissions are open to candidates from various fields of study (business, engineers, social sciences, sciences, arts, etc.), with first professional experience.
First you have to create an account at HEC Paris online application platform and then begin to fill in your application. You are able to submit an application when:
  • your application form is 100% complete
  • you have uploaded all the required documents
  • the online Letters of Reference have been received by HEC Paris and TUM
  • you have paid the application fee of €100
We hold 5 Admission Rounds for a single entry in September.Your complete online application must be submitted prior to 11:59PM (CET) of the deadline.
  1. Eligibility: Once the application is validated and the required documents have been uploaded to your HEC Paris applicant space, the admissions team (consisting of members of TUM & HEC Paris) assesses the eligibility of the candidate’s application form. They check the conformity of the candidate’s experience and documents with the eligibility conditions of the program.
  2. Admissibility: The admissibility results are published on your HEC applicant space following the screening of all eligible applications. Admissible candidates are invited to take part in an admissions interview, a 20-25 minute interview in English either by Skype or on campus. Candidates are encouraged to discuss their unique background, motivation, interests, and goals during this interview.
  3. Admission: The admission results are published on your HEC applicant space following the interview and admissions jury (6 to 8 weeks after application deadlines. See admissions calendar).
  4. Integration: Admitted applicants must confirm their place by payment of the acceptance fees before each admission round’s relevant financial confirmation deadline.
The application must be filled out in English.
No, all courses of the Master in Management & Innovation are held in English. But while speaking French when applying is not mandatory, students are invited to register for a French language course (TEF certificate - all levels).
You are able to transfer your application from one round to another if you missed the deadline. For this, please log in to your applicant space, click on "Edit choice" and choose an alternative round. Please check your program's Admission Calendar for the list of rounds available.
An email notification is sent to you to confirm your application has been successfully validated and your status will change to 'submitted' on the My Space page. If you do not receive an email receipt from us nor see this status change, this means that we may not have received your application. If any items are missing or if we have any questions or need further information, we will let you know at this stage.
Once you have submitted your application, you will no longer be able to modify it except for the "Personal Information" section. If invited to the interview, applicants may inform the jury of other updates at that time (test scores, internships etc).
No, if you have taken your test more than once, you can choose to submit your highest score.
Internships can be accepted as work experience under the condition that your experiences during the internship(s) are content-related to the courses in the Master in Management & Innovation program.


Yes, you are required to provide a test score for one of these three tests. Applicants holding a first degree from the double degree partner institution are exempted from GMAT/GRE and from the application fee.
No. In the least, your unofficial score available on the test date must be uploaded to your application form by the deadline. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted.
GMAT, GRE and TAGE MAGE scores are valid for 5 years and must be taken before submitting your application.
There are no minimum required or minimum cut-off scores for applying to the Master in Management & Innovation. We accept applicants with a wide range of scores. If you have taken a test several times, the Admissions Office will consider only your highest score when reviewing your application.
Yes. We consider all elements of your application, so it is important that you make each element as strong as possible. An average GMAT, GRE or TAGE MAGE test can be offset by other positive points in your application file.
No. Only one test will be taken into consideration by the Admissions Office. It is the applicant’s responsibility to choose which test will be submitted in the application.
All applicants are required to take one of the following English test: TOEFL or TOEIC or IELTS or Cambridge. This test is waived only for the following:
  • English natives
  • Students who have earned a degree from an institution in which ALL instruction is conducted in English. The official language of the degree program has to be stated in the degree certificate or its supplement, or in the transcript of records.
You are still required to take an English language test.
All English test results are valid for 5 years, except Cambridge Certificates which have unlimited validity. Tests must be valid on the deadline of the program you are applying for.
No. There is no minimum English test requirement. However, a complete command of the English language including proficiency in reading, writing and speaking is essential for success in our programs, as the lessons are conducted in English.
Yes. When submitting your application, you may upload the screen shot of your score available to you on-line. Your official score sent by the test organizing institution must reach the admission committee before the admission results are published for verification purposes.

General information

You can visit the TUM campus any time and do an interactive campus tour using your tablet or smartphone. You can find more information about this here.Occasionally there are guided campus tours led by current TUM Students. Please check here for available guided tours.
You can find all information regarding the possibilities here 
Yes, TUM as well as HEC Paris offers the possibility to join German or French language courses.TUM Language Center and HEC Paris Learning Center of Languages is the perfect place to learn or strengthen German or French and many other languages.
HEC Paris offers all international students the possibility to live on campus.Please find out more about accommodation possibilities in Munich here.
First of all, we advise you to contact your program manager as early as possible. You can find the contact details and office hours of all program managers here. Your program manager will discuss with you possible solutions to allow for successful study progress and graduation, and identify further steps to do. Students suffering from health problems or affected by other extraordinary circumstances may even apply for a grace period to the examination board. For details, please contact your program manager.


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal,
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia,
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
Living expenses vary depending on where you live. You should count on approximately €1000 per month including housing, food, off-campus sports activities and leisure.
  • The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs allocates a large number of grants to international students. Use Campus France - Grants Search Engine to learn more
  • The French Government Eiffel Scholarship is open exclusively to Autumn applicants, as the application deadline for this scholarship is fixed to the beginning of January
  • The Merit based Scholarship may be offered to high potential Grande Ecole students

Submitting your final thesis

No. A scanned signature is not valid.
Yes. Please note: The submission deadline given in the email sent by the Grades and Examinations Office confirming registration is the official deadline for submission and is therefore binding.
Please put it in a suitable envelope and hand it in at the main gate on Arcisstrasse 21.
  • Use the address label which you can obtain on request from the Service Point or via mail from the relevant person in the Grades and Examinations Office.
  • In advance, get a "Permission to view this thesis" declaration form from the relevant person at the Service Point or in the Grades and Examinations Office, fill it in, and put it in the envelope together with your thesis.
The date on which you actually submit the thesis at the Service Point or portal, not the date of the grade announcement or the latest closing date.
  • All final theses that are submitted within the first week after the beginning of the lectures will be taken into account for the previous semester. Please inform yourself about the dates of the semester on our homepage: Deadline is on Sunday even though you might be allowed to hand it in on Monday!
  • Please note: For the submission of your final thesis you officially have to be registered as a student even if it is assigned to the previous semester.
Two hard copies of the Master’s Thesis have to be handed in to the Executive Education Center, a digital version (PDF) has to be sent to Nadine Ertel
Please hand your thesis to the Executive Education Center, Leopoldstr. 139, 80804 Munich.
Yes. If you do submit by post, you should send your thesis to the following address: Technische Universität München, TUM School of Management, Executive Education Center, Arcisstrasse 21, 80333 Munich. Please note: The submission date is considered the date on which your thesis actually reaches us in the Grades and Examinations Office. In advance, get a "Permission to view this thesis" declaration form from the relevant person in the Grades and Examinations Office, fill it in, and include it with your thesis.

Program information

The elective modules of the specialization in management/the electives area are selected with the greatest care and in close coordination with the Academic Departments. The Curricula Support in TUMonline portrays modules which are profitable for you. The Student Council of TUM School of Management collect suggestions on new modules which should be included in the catalogue. The suggestions will be taken into consideration by members of Quality Circle before the start of every new semester. Therefore, please contact the Student Council: note that at TUM it is possible to take each module voluntarily as free subject.

Teaching Evaluation

According to §10 of the Bavarian Higher Education Law (BayHSchG) the teaching quality is regularly evaluated through student questionnaires.The objective of the evaluation is the continuous improvement of teaching at the TUM SoM. The teaching evaluation data is the basis for:
  • Feedback to lecturers about their courses
  • Discussions about potential improvements
  • Enhanced communication between students and lecturers
The teaching evaluation gives students the possibility to actively contribute to the improvement of teaching.
Yes. The utilized system EvaSys provided by Electic Paper does not allow to trace any information back to individual students.
TUM SoM students can review teaching evaluation results in the office of the quality management (1553). A previous arranged appointment and a valid student identity card are mandatory. For making an appointment please contact with a short e-mail to
Each semester students are asked to evaluate the courses they visited. The survey is anonymous and is executed through a standardized questionnaire, which varies depending on the format of the course (lecture, tutorial, seminar, internship and excursion). The questionnaires are available in English. On a 5-point Likert scale students give feedback about the extent of agreement and disagreement to different areas (e.g. conception and structure, knowledge impartment, learning environment, appropriate degree of difficulty and acquisition of competency). Open text fields allow for further ideas of improvement and comments. For each course and question the following measures will be calculated:
  • Relative frequency of each answer category
  • Mean value
  • Standard deviation
  • Median
Completing the online-questionnaire requires approximately 5-10 minutes. A PDF-report comprising the results of the survey will be generated for each course. As soon as results are available the report including the comments will be sent to the respective lecturers. Lecturers with outstanding results will be suggested by the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs for the “Best Teaching Award”, which is awarded every year during the “Tag der Fakultät”.
If you have any questions or if you want to evaluate an additional course, please contact Nadine Ertel under


Do you have further questions or need additional information? We are happy to offer you assistance with all issues regarding your TUM School of Management experience. Please reach out to us via phone or email or see the Business hours of our offices for personal consultation. You can also send us your inquiry by means of our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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