Master in Management & Technology

For the essay topic for the Summer Semester (2020) intake please clic here

Before applying to the Master in Management and Technology please read this document through to understand better how the admission process works.


How to Apply


All applicants will need to write and submit an essay regarding a specific topic as part of their application. Please submit your essay as a pdf soft copy (upload in TUM Online).



To apply, please complete the application form online (during the application period) and upload all documents required for the application.

Important: All applicants for a Master’s degree who did not obtain their qualification for postgraduate studies (usually a Bachelor’s degree) in a country within the EU/EEA have to apply via Uni-Assist in addition to TUMonline (please refer here for details). Please note that the Uni-Assist application needs to be completed before the end of the application period, however, the document that Uni-Assist will provide you with, can be handed in at a later date, even after the end of the application period.

Please make sure you select Master in Management & Technology as your preferred program of study when filling in the online application form in TUMonline.

Once you have completed the online application form, you will receive a list of all additional documents you will have to upload, along with a singed copy of your completed application form.

For detailed instructions on how to apply, which documents to submit and the assessment procedure, click here.



To be eligible to apply for the Master in Management and Technology program, applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (at least 140 ECTS at the time of application) in Management and Technology, Management, Economics, Industrial Engineering or a comparable program. In addition, applicants must also be able to prove that, at the time of application, they have successfully completed modules worth at least 25 ECTS in business (management) / “Betriebswirtschaftslehre”, 10 ECTS in economics / “Volkswirtschaftslehre” and 15 ECTS in engineering or natural science (mathematics, statistics & informatics classes included). Please note that under no circumstances conditional admission will be given, in case an applicant does not meet the Entrance Requirements at the time of application!

Applicants must be able to prove that they are proficient in the English language at the time of application. Detailed information can be found here and on the info sheet. In addition to accepted English language proficiency certificates across TUM study programs, applicants can prove their English language knowledge with a previous university degree that was taught and assesssed in English entirely or at least 12 ECTS thereof, including your final thesis (please use this form only in case the 12 ECTS rule applies and also refer to the FAQs for more details).

Please note is not necessary to prove any knowledge in the German language at the time of application. However, as a foreign student you are required to provide proof of basic German language proficiency (comparable to A1 level) by the end of the second semester.

Apply Now Online
Important: For applications for summer semester 2020 or later the application process will run completely online. You no longer have to submit any hardcopies at this point. For enrollment, you will have to hand in certain documents in a specific form – e.g. as notarized hardcopies

Deadlines & Info

  • The application period for the Summer Semester 2020 has ended
  • The application period for the Winter Semester 2020/21 intake will run from April 1 through May 31
  • Detailed information on how to apply can be found here
  • Please refer here for detailed information about the assessment process
  • If you require a student visa for your studies in Germany, we recommend to apply as early as possible as you may need additional time for obtaining your visa.



We follow a two-stage assessment procedure to be able to select the best possible candidates for the Master in Management and Technology. The assessment process is described here in detail.

In the first stage of the assessment procedure, candidates are evaluated based on their previous academic background. If an applicant’s eligibility is still questionable after stage 1, the applicant will move on to stage 2, where the academic background as well as the essay will be evaluated.


Curriculum Analysis

After the online application process applicants will be asked to fill out a curriculum analysis that is used to assess a candidate’s aptitude for the programme taking both examination and study regulations into account. Instructions for filling out the Curricular Analysis can be found here.

Before submitting the form online please verify whether all your entries are correct and complete.


  • Lena Holzinger
    Admission Manager TUM Campus Munich
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    Office Hours (no appointment needed): Wed (2 - 4 pm) & Thu (9 - 11 am);
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    No Office Hours on February 27th

  • Silvana Rueda Urrea
    Admission Coordinator
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  • Room 1562
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    Office Hours (no appointment needed): Wed (2 - 4 pm) & Thu (9 - 11 am);
    Phone consultation: Mon, Wed, Fri (9 – 12 pm) & Mon, Tue, Thu (1 – 4 pm)
    No Office Hours on February 27th.