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For the Summer Semester 2021 ...

… we are planning to continue with our blended learning concept. This entails an intelligent mix of online offerings and on-site teachings for all study programs. Of course, on-site teaching is subject to future infection rates and a further easing of infection control regulations. We are taking all these concerns into consideration when creating our implementation plan and they are part of the reason why we will be taking a blended approach to the next semester.

It is our goal to create a teaching concept for each study program that meets the needs of all our students. The feedback we have received from our students enables us to further innovative courses to ensure optimal knowledge transfer and interaction. We are focused heavily on supporting all of our students regarding these new “forms of learning” but are specifically focused on our first-year students to ensure their transition to higher education is smooth. Find more information about the Summer Semster 2021 here.


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We offer you an intelligent mix of online and face-to-face formats (hybrid teaching). By offering different teaching formats, we meet the learning needs of students in-class as well as off-campus.

Hybrid teaching
  • By introducing hybrid teaching, it is possible to address teaching to three groups of students at the same time:
      • students in the same classroom
      • students in another classroom who cannot be in the same classroom for reasons of available space and necessary distance
      • students off-campus, e.g. located abroad
  • It is a special concern of ours to be there for our first-year students. If necessary, we will provide them with virtual buddies and offer socializing opportunities via virtual channels.
  • Interaction and discourse are essential components of our teaching and will also be possible within the new teaching formats.
  • Our teaching concept aims to enable teaching to risk groups with as few restrictions as possible.
  • We rely on state-of-the-art technology to enable students to efficiently prepare, virtually participate and repeat recorded management courses.


Your safety will remain a top priority for your studies at TUM this winter term. We have introduced a hygiene and prevention concept that guarantees our students the greatest possible safety.

This includes (among others):

  • the provision of disinfection facilities
  • continuous cleaning measures
  • regular ventilation

Watch this video by @tu.muenchen on mandatory health and safety measures applicable on campus.


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IMPORTANT: Participation in contact data collection is obligatory for all participants (including the lecturers) in the classroom ( §4(2) and §21(4), 7. BayIfSMV). In order to check the participation of the students, QRONITON displays how many people in the lecture hall have checked in. Find more information here (section 2.1).

For further information on teaching, exams and the use of study areas on campus, please visit our webpage or the TUM info page.


A clearly visible regulation of passenger traffic and precise guidelines on event size and group classification enable the distance rule to be adhered to and ensure the greatest possible safety.

These measures serve your safety:

  • A one-way street system to avoid collision points as much as possible
  • Designation of waiting areas for changing student groups
  • Secure access to the buildings and classrooms, and the exit is guaranteed
  • For your own safety, we recommend that you also use the Corona Warn-App of the German government. Infected people can use this Bluetooth-based app to inform other users they have been in contact with in the last few days. Your contacts are stored only locally on your phone.


Get to know your fellow students!

Mystery Matching is a simple online tool to meet new students from the TUM School of Management, even in times of online teaching. You can easily meet fellow students from your study program, students from other TUM programs or get in touch with exchange students. Sign up now and use your TUM E-Mail address.

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  • For the Campus Heilbronn here.