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Teresa Kiefer is one of the first students to complete the “Master in Management & Innovation” program of TUM School of Management at TUM Campus Heilbronn. She is thrilled about its good interplay of theory and practice.

In her practical phase at AEB SE in Stuttgart, Teresa Kiefer was able to extend her knowledge of change management gained at the university and apply it in practice. AEB SE supports with its software the logistics and foreign trade processes of industrial, service and trading companies. “During my internship at AEB in Stuttgart, I supported various digitization initiative projects,” says Teresa Kiefer, who gave her final presentation on “Change Management in the Context of Implementing a New CRM System at AEB”.

At the center of Teresa Kiefer’s work was a survey of employees who are to work with the new CRM system in the future. “The aim of the survey was to find out what motivation and willingness colleagues generally have towards the various digitization projects and in particular towards a new CRM system. We also wanted to get an idea of the employees’ expectations of this software,” says Kiefer. From the responses emerged that the majority of employees are open-minded about new software, since satisfaction with the old system was not particularly high.

“Teresa’s work is incredibly valuable to the entire project team. Based on the findings of the survey, she has derived recommendations for action that will considerably support us in our change management measures in the upcoming introduction of the system,” says AEB project manager Christopher Greiner, describing the practical findings of the work.

“A positive attitude is already there. In some cases, however, there are expectations that cannot be met by the new CRM system alone. The project team should communicate purposefully and inform at regular intervals about what is included in the scope of the project,” recommends Kiefer. “The project team should also highlight the supposedly minor improvements, such as the availability of all data on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Her studies at TUM School of Management and her work as a student trainee at AEB in Stuttgart were a good opportunity for Teresa Kiefer to put her theoretical knowledge immediately into practice. Both areas were in perfect coordination. The topics that the professors developed with their students were very practice-oriented, she says in retrospect of the first semester. The interplay between campus and practical work in companies offers many opportunities to expand knowledge, she concludes.

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