Buddy Program

With a Little Help From a Friend

Our Buddy Program guides Freshers and,Exchange Students through their first steps.

TUM School of Management is always looking for buddies who support Freshers and/or Exchange Students when they first arrive at TUM School of Management. By participating, you have a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, attend fun events and make new friends. On top of that, you might be able to improve your foreign language skills and gain in-depth intercultural competencies.

Buddies help their protégés feel comfortable after arriving in the new environment and sometimes even before they arrive. Altogether, buddies play a large role in making studying at TUM School of Management a valuable experience.

Volunteering as a buddy is a great way to meet and assist your national and international classmates and can be a lot of fun.

Therefore, as a buddy at TUM School of Management, you should be able to communicate in German and English.

TUM School of Management students who participate in the Buddy Program for Freshers (Munich & Heilbronn) and/or Exchange Students (Munich) receive bonus points for their own application with our TUM SOMex (incl. ERASMUS+) program.


Buddy Program Freshers Munich

  • Katja Leßke
    Program Coordinator, Master Programs
  • Phone +49 (89) 289 25317
  • Fax +49 (89) 289 25070
  • Email buddy_muc@wi.tum.de
  • Room 1545
  • Student Visiting Hours

    Phone consultation hours: Wed 2-4 pm.
    Personal online or on-site consultation on demand.

Buddy Program Exchange Students Munich

  • Zuzana Zechovska
    International Office, Program Coordinator – Student Exchange Programs (Incoming exchange students)
  • Phone +49 (89) 289 28185
  • Email buddy_muc@mgt.tum.de
  • Room 1546
  • Student Visiting Hours

    Due to the current situation, we have decided to cancel our Student Visiting Hours.
    Please call us via phone or send us an email with your inquiry. If necessary, we offer an online appointment.

Buddy Program Freshers Heilbronn

  • Adelheid Schäfer-Terino
    Program Coordinator Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education
  • Email buddy_hn@wi.tum.de
  • Room Bildungscampus 2, D210, 74076 Heilbronn