Going abroad

General information

Yes, you may apply for both exchange programs. The application and selection for TUMexchange ends before the application period for TUM SOMex. However, if you are nominated for TUMexchange by the end of December and you accept the place, applying for the TUM SOMex (incl. ERASMUS+) program is not possible anymore.

As a TUM School of Management student you may apply for the TUM SOMex (incl. ERASMUS+) program. TUM School of Management cooperates directly with more than 90 leading Business Schools and faculties at renowned universities around the world. Besides European countries, which are part of the ERASMUS+ program, TUM School of Management is able to offer Non-European exchange countries exclusively to students at TUM School of Management. Please find more information here. Furthermore you may apply for TUMexchange. This program is open for all TUM students and offers exchange programs with more than 100 universities outside Europe.

For information on TUMexchange – the central exchange program of TUM – kindly check the information provided by the TUM Global & Alumni Office.

The International Office is not responsible for the (Advanced) International Experience Module. For more information please read the factsheets in the download section of your study program. Make sure to read the correct factsheet for your version of the study program.


There is no minimum average grade – any student can apply to study abroad. The chance of success depends on your suitability and also how popular the destination is. To see how students did in previous years have a look at the statistics on the TUM SOMex website in section 4.


Besides our exchange programs TUM SOMex and TUMexchange there are various possibilities to gain international experience. As a so-called Freemover you may spend a self-organized semester at an university abroad. Also an internship abroad is a great possibility. In addition, short programs like ATHENS courses  or a Summer/Winter School is a possibility to gain international experience. Please have a look at the corresponding section on “Other ways to go abroad” for more information. Furthermore you may apply for one of our Joint International Programs. 

Detailed information about our partner institutions can be found on our interactive map and in our TUM SOMex overview. You find this overview in the first paragraph of Your TUM SOMex.

TUM School of Management currently offers four Joint International Programs. Joint International Programs combine the strengths of two or more universities in different countries. Please check here for further information.

The first step in the application procedure is to apply to the TUM School of Management International Office for nomination to the foreign university where you want to do your exchange. The International Office decides whether you are suitable for nomination on the basis of the documents you submit. If you have successfully applied via the selection procedure at the TUM School of Management you need to apply to the host University by yourself. The TUM School of Management International Office will support you before, during and after your stay abroad.

Students going to one of our European partner institutions may receive a grant under the Erasmus Program. Students going to one of our other partner institutions will have to apply for scholarships themselves.

Recognition of existing qualification / credit transfers

Each study program has different options for recognition of international modules. Please have a look at the document for your Study Program. You find these documents under “Credit Transfer” in the Download section.

Leave of absence

A reason to apply for leave of absence is studying at a foreign university. You have to apply for a leave of absence at the enrollment unit at the Student Service Center. Requests for a leave of absence must be submitted until the first day of the lecture period of the respective semester. You are required to hand in your application for a leave of absence in writing, using the official form provided by TUM either to study@tum.de, sent it by mail the the „Immatrikulationsamt“ or hand it in personally. The document can be downloaded from your TUMonline account under “Print Documents”. Please also attach the admission letter or a confirmation of the foreign university. Please find more details here.

If you are granted leave of absence during your semester abroad, your regular semester level will be fixed. Please note that no new exams or registrations for a thesis may be made during a leave of absence. You cannot participate in any courses or lectures. However, make-up examinations can still be taken. During your leave of absence existing deadlines still apply. We do not recommend applying for a leave of absence if you have not yet taken the GOP, i.e. the fundamental examinations and orientation examinations which have to be completed within the first year of study. To keep full flexibility you may not apply for leave of absence, as semester times abroad do not fully correspond with TUM times. Meaning you might still be able to attend exams before or after your semester abroad.