Living in Heilbronn

A charming combination of
tradition and modernity

Experience one of Baden-Württemberg’s
most beautiful wine regions

In the university city of Heilbronn there is much more to discover besides the educational campus. The Experimenta, the largest science center in Germany, can be reached in a few minutes.

Take a walk along the Neckar river or meet up with friends in the Pfuehlpark and Wertwiesenpark. The Neckarmeile with its many cafés, bars and restaurants is also full of life every day. The possibilities of how to spend your free time are endless in this small town. The landscape is characterized by beautiful vineyards, for which Heilbronn is also internationally known. A walk along the wine panorama path is also worthwhile.

End the day in the evening on the Wartberg, from where you have the best view over Heilbronn and can see the city from a different perspective.



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Student Handbook

Upcoming Events

An overview of the heilbronn events can be found here.


students in the city
~360 €
for a room per month
Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Metal and Electrical Industry as core sectors in the manufacturing industry in the economic region Heilbronn-Franken


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Being Mobile

Campus Bike

Fit, mobile, independent and environmentally friendly – this is you with the Campus Bike!
To use the Campus Bike you only need to register once and free of charge.
Read more in the flyer.

Public Transportation

Students can use public transportation free of charge with the presentation of a valid TUM Student ID in the Heilbronn city zone (Zone A), after 7 p.m. on weekdays as well as on weekends and on public holidays. For full-time usage of public transportation students can purchase the semester ticket for the current price of approximately 170 euros.
The ticket is valid in the winter semester from 1st October to 31st March and in the summer semester from 1st April to 30th September. Further information about the semester ticket can be found here.

Leisure Activities


In cooperation with the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences we offer a wide variety of different sport activities you can join (as long as open spots are available). For further information, please check online.


Students under 27 years can buy a ticket at a reduced price at Theater Heilbronn presenting their valid student ID card at the Theater box office. Groups of 10 or more receive a group discount.

Finding Accommodation

If you need help finding accommodation in Heilbronn, please feel free to take a look at the following documents:

To plan your search for accommodation, these ten districts of Heilbronn have public transport connections:

  • Heilbronn (Bildungscampus is located here)
  • Biberach
  • Böckingen
  • Frankenbach
  • Flein
  • Horkheim
  • Kirchhausen
  • Klingenberg
  • Neckargartach
  • Sontheim

Rent levels in Heilbronn (in German):

Further infomation in German and tips for living in Heilbronn you can find here.



Below you can find a list of private student dormitories in Heilbronn. Please note that they are all independent from TUM and we do not take any responsibility for validity of the information.

Wohnheim W27 (205 single apartments between 20 and 27 m² and 7 double apartments as a shared flat for two persons between 42 and 47 m²)
Wilhelmstr. 27
74072 Heilbronn
More information:

i Live Urban Living Heilbronn (single apartments between 23 and 66 m²)
Schmollerstraße 55/57
74074 Heilbronn
More information:

i Live Campus Südbahnhof (58 single apartments, 1 double apartment as a shared flat for two persons)
Happelstrasse 84
74074 Heilbronn
More information:

i Live Campus Living Paulinenstraße (160 comfort apartments between 21 and 41 m² and 20 penthouse apartments between 28 and 56 m²)
Paulinenstraße 23-25
74076 Heilbronn
More information:

PUROpartment (80 comfort apartments ca. 24 m² and 9 penthouse apartments ca. 40 m²)
Weststrasse 26
74072 Heilbronn
More information:

THE PLAZE (124 single apartments between 16 and 46 m²)
Karlstraße 31
74072 Heilbronn
More information:

Apartmenthaus I (47 single rooms)
Sontheimer Landwehr 1
74074 Heilbronn
More information:

Apartmenthaus II (43 single apartments)
Robert-Bosch-Straße 45
74081 Heilbronn-Sontheim
More information:

PaulA_Flat (106 single apartments)
Paulinenstrasse 14/1
74076 Heilbronn
More information:

RobertA_Flat (80 single apartments)
Robert-Bosch-Strasse 34
74081 Heilbronn
More information:

Student Apartments Lohtor (114 apartments between 15 and 40 m²)
Lohtorstrasse 7
74072 Heilbronn
More information:

Apartments Albrecht (24 apartments)
Sichererstrasse 18
74076 Heilbronn
More information:

Stay4Job (15 single apartments between 18.5 and 39.7 m²)
Schäfergasse 3
74072 Heilbronn
More information:

Meine Studibude (12 single apartments between 18.3 and 27 m²)
Ludwigsburgerstrasse 4
74080 Heilbronn
More information:

Wohnraum Heilbronn GbR (70  single rooms in 17 shared flats all over Heilbronn)
More information:

Pension Heilbronn
Hans-Reuter-Weg 14
74080 Heilbronn
More information:

Dormitories run by Studierendenwerk Heidelberg:

Max-Planck-Str. 27
Max-Planck-Str. 27
74081 Heilbronn
More information:

Max-Planck-Str. 31
74081 Heilbronn
More information:

Cäcilienstrasse 39
Cäcilienstrasse 39
74072 Heilbronn
More information:

Further advice

If you are unable to find an apartment right away, you can look for a temporary accommodation, such as a hostel:

Jugendherberge Heilbronn
Paula-Fuchs-Allee 3
74076 Heilbronn
Phone: 071312 172961
For further information click here.

If you have an offer for a private accommodation, always check with your landlord beforehand so that you know what is included in the rent. In private dormitories it is common to pay an all-inclusive price, but it may differ. If you rent a private apartment, you usually have to make arrangements regarding utilities yourself, e.g. for electricity, Internet, waste collection.

Good to know

Energy Supply

  • At ZAEG (Electricity approx. 30 €/month) Here you find further information.


Internet Connection

  • There are different suppliers, such as O2, Vodafone, 1&1, etc.
  • Their offices are in the Sülmerstraße, around the Kilian church and  the Wollhaus in Heilbronn.

Broadcasting Fee

  • 17,50 €/month
  • After you registered in Heilbronn, you will automatically receive a letter requesting you to pay a mandatory fee for using the public broadcasting service, even if you don`t have a television. Here you find further information.


  • Please note that property owners often require a deposit which can be as much as 2 or 3 months’ rent (Kaltmiete). When you move out, this deposit will be returned to you, if the apartment is undamaged.
  • Before you move in, visit the apartment together with your landlord and note down all visible damages in a handover protocol, so that there are no problems when you move out.