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The charming combination of tradition and modernity makes Heilbronn an attractive place to live and study. In 1801, Heinrich von Kleist put Heilbronn firmly on the literary map with his play Das Käthchen von Heilbronn. By the town hall, with its astronomical clock, across from the Gothic St. Kilian’s Church, the city exudes the charm of bygone days. These landmarks are two of the few historical buildings that withstood the devastating air raid of December 4, 1944.

The modern side of the “City on the Neckar” can be found in the shopping mile, with its numerous stores and boutiques that extends away from the historic center. In recent years, a lively restaurant and bar scene has emerged along the Neckar River just a few minutes’ walk from the Bildungscampus  in recent years.

The city’s museums and the Heilbronn Theater offer great variety for those interested in culture and learning. At the hands-on museum Experimenta, Germany’s largest science center, adults and children can explore fascinating natural phenomena.

Indeed, the city is shaped by its river and the vineyards that surround it. Around 120 family businesses in and near Heilbronn produce the famous Wuerttemberger wine, predominantly from Trollinger and Lemberger grapes.

In cooperation with the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences we offer a wide variety of different sport activities you can join (as long as participants places are available), please check online

Students under 27 years can buy a ticket to a reduced price at Theater Heilbronn presenting their valid student ID card at the cash desk in the Theater. Groups of 10 or more receive a group discount.

Upcoming Events

Heilbronner Trollinger Marathon

Drachenboot race 2020

Heilbronner Weindorf 2020



For more events check here

Accomodation Heilbronn

In this section you will find out more about accomodation in Heilbronn. We will first give you an overview about Heilbronn’s districts. Further more you find information on student residencies and how to apply for them.

The new Campus of TUM School of Management in Heilbronn is located on the so-called “Bildungscampus“, Address: Am Bildungscampus 9, 74076 Heilbronn.

To plan your search for accommodation, these ten districts of Heilbronn have public transport connection:

Heilbronn (in this district the “Bildungscampus” is located), Biberach, Böckingen, Frankenbach, Flein, Horkheim, Kirchhausen, Klingenberg, Neckargartach, Sontheim

Rent levels Heilbronn (in German): https://www.heilbronn.de/bauen-wohnen/wohnen/mietspiegel.html

Below you find a list of residencies you can find in Heilbronn and apply for. Please note that they are all independent from TUM and we don’t take any responsibility for validity of the information.

i-live Campus Südbahnhof (58 single Apartments, 1 double Apartment as a shared flat for two persons)
Happelstrasse 84
74074 Heilbronn

i-live Weststraße (80 comfort apartments ca. 24 m² and 9 Penthouse-apartments ca. 40 m²)
Weststrasse 26
74072 Heilbronn

More information: http://www.i-live-hn.de/ 

80 Comfort-Apartments ca. 24 m², 9 Penthouse-Apartments ca. 40 m²
Weststrasse 26
74072 Heilbronn

Apartmenthaus I (47 single rooms)
Sontheimer Landwehr 1
74074 Heilbronn

Apartmenthaus II (43 single Apartments)
Robert-Bosch-Straße 45
74081 Heilbronn-Sontheim

More information: https://studenten.hn/

106 single Apartments
Paulinenstrasse 14/1
74076 Heilbronn
More information: https://www.boehringer.net/studenten-apartments/paula/

80 single Apartments
Robert-Bosch-Strasse 34
74081 Heilbronn
More information: https://www.boehringer.net/studenten-apartments/roberta/

114 Apartments between 15 and 40 m²
Lohtorstrasse 7
74072 Heilbronn

Paulinenstrasse 41 and 43
74076 Heilbronn

24 Apartments
Sichererstrasse 18
74076 Heilbronn

15 single Apartments between 18.5 and 39.7 m²
Schäfergasse 3
74072 Heilbronn

12 single Apartments between 18.3 and 27 m²
Ludwigsburgerstrasse 4
74080 Heilbronn

Further advice

If you have not found an apartment, you can look for a temporary solution, a hostel, on the following address:
Jugendherberge Heilbronn, Paula-Fuchs-Allee 3,
74076 Heilbronn, Phone 071312/172961.

If you have an offer for a private accommodation, you should give the proprietor with the following information: your name, age, admission to study on the HHN, when will you move in, how long do you plan to rent the apartment and if you move in alone. About the rental costs: in a hall of residence or a private dorm, you pay an all -inclusive price, but if you rent a private apartment, besides the rental contract, you have to conclude some other contracts too, e.g. for electricity, internet, waste collection. Therefore, you have to go to the respective providers, with your rental contract and passport and sign a contract.

Good to know

Energy supply

  • At ZAEG (Electricity approx. 30 €/month)
  • More information


Internet connection

  • there are different suppliers, such as O2, Vodafone, 1&1, etc.
  • You can apply in person.
  • The O2, Vodafone, 1&1 offices are in the Sülmerstraße, around the Kilian church and around the Wollhaus in Heilbronn.

Broadcasting fee

  • 17,50Euro/month
  • After you registered in Heilbronn, you will automatically receive a letter requesting you to pay a mandatory fee for using the public broadcasting service, even if you don ́t have a television.
  • Further information


  • Please note that the property owners often require a deposit and this can be as much as 2 or 3 months’ rent (Kaltmiete). When you move out, this deposit will be returned to you, if the apartment is undamaged.
  • Please, before you move in, visit the apartment together with your landlord and note down in a transfer protocol all the damages you see, so that there are no problems when you move out