“StudiTUM” buildings open in Garching and Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) now offers its students new space for studying, cross-faculty projects and cultural activities in the “StudiTUM” buildings. Two new buildings in Garching and Munich opened this week and will be available to the students in the coming days after the final inspection. In the near future a third “StudiTUM” building at the School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan will also open its doors.

Together with Bavarian Minister of Science and the Arts Bernd Sibler, TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann presented the two new structures and declared them open for use. Located in Garching and Munich, each of the buildings houses approximately 250 workstations in 1,300 and 1,500 square meters respectively. The TUM Student Council accompanied the three years of construction activity and was involved in decision-making. The new structures were financed with government academic subsidies and TUM’s own investment, totaling over 15 million Euros.

TUM is home to a large number of student research groups and initiatives. Some of them are almost 100 years old, for example “Akaflieg”, which has been highly successful for decades. Younger groups such as TUfastTUM Hyperloop and iGEM have taken leading positions in international competitions within only a few years’ time. Chorus groups, orchestras and bands are also firmly anchored at TUM and are supported by their host university. These initiatives are to find more space for their activities in the new “StudiTUM” buildings.

“With ‘StudiTUM’, TUM is working in concert together with its students, from the idea to implementation, as we are accustomed to do,” said President Herrmann, praising the excellent collaboration with the student body, represented by Paul Maroldt, and the dedication of Vice President Prof. Gerhard Müller and Chancellor Albert Berger.


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