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Francesco Odorizzi, born and raised in the Val di Non Valley, Italy, is currently in his fourth semester of the Master in Management & Technology at the TUM School of Management. Through the QTEM network, he spent an eventful and insightful semester abroad in Brussels, and is currently working on the next important component of the QTEM program: an internship, at BMW Financial Services. Recently, Francesco was elected as Global Vice President of the QTEM Student Association Board: “In the last three semesters, the QTEM network and its student community have given me a lot. It is now time for me to give back by investing some time and effort in the network and its core element: the QTEM students!”, he says. In an interview, he shared his experience with us and gave us some insight into his future projects.

Francesco, what is the QTEM network and how can students participate?

QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management) is a Masters network bringing together outstanding students, universities and industries with a strong interest in business and analytics from all over the world. As a QTEM student, you become part of an international league of likeminded students, receive support (socially and academically) for a great exchange semester, and get access to unique career opportunities with our corporate partners, and otherwise leverage the benefits of a growing business network. To join the QTEM Network, students need to be enrolled at one of the 24 academic partners, have a GMAT score of 650 or more and be highly motivated to join the network! At TUM, you need to be enrolled in the Master in Management & Technology and then apply via the International Office. They nominate the students for this program.

How was your personal experience with the stay abroad and the internship?

Being a QTEM student has a lot of advantages – and one of them is the international experience it entails. Students choose from the QTEM partner universities to spend a nearly seamless semester abroad. That means opportunities to live and learn in cities like Melbourne, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Rome, and Oslo, amongst many more!

I decided to do my exchange at the Solvay Business School in Brussels – the beating heart of Europe. From an academic perspective, I really appreciated how the worlds of academia and industry came together and exchanged wisdom. Most of the classes there are lectured by real-world business specialists, giving me the opportunity to take a deep dive into practical topics with a totally different perspective. Moreover, I could enjoy the eclecticism of the local student community, in which the QTEM Club is only one of numerous student associations.

Now that I have finished my classes, I am currently working on the next important component of the QTEM program, an internship, at BMW Financial Services. There I am analyzing strategic innovation topics that could shape the future of mobility.

In hunting for an internship, I have noticed a high interest of interviewers in the QTEM program. They want to know what QTEM is about, and they were often impressed to learn about a program that combines business analytics, international experience, and a strong student network.


The QTEM student association club representatives


You were recently elected Global Vice President of the QTEM Student Association Board – congratulations! Why did you decide to run for Global VP?

Thank you! Running for a board position was a relatively spontaneous decision for me. In the last three semesters, the QTEM network and its student community have given me a lot. It is now time for me to “give back” by investing some time and effort in the network and its core element: the QTEM students! Since the Student Association is still a young organization, I knew that I could help build strategic initiatives to further develop both the student experience and standing of the QTEM organization as a whole.

What does your role as Global VP entail?

The mission of the QTEM Student Association is to bring people together all over the world, whether it be local and exchange students, corporate partners, or alumni. One of the benefits of a QTEM exchange is the network of students and clubs at each partner university. This means that wherever you go as a QTEM student, you will have access to social and professional events specifically organized for QTEM students and you get even more out of your time abroad. As Global VP, I will mainly oversee coordinating and supporting local student clubs, ensuring a great QTEM student experience all over the world. In this sense, together with the other QSA Board members we will examine student feedbacks to give recommendations to the QTEM Managing Director and the QTEM Board.

How is the QTEM environment in Munich?

The Munich Student club is one of the most active clubs on a global level, especially thanks to the creativity of our local President Lindsay Ryan – a great ambassador of QTEM at TUM! We usually organize several events throughout the semester to get to know the local and incoming exchange students. Just a few days ago. we gathered in Englischer Garten for some beers and a good talk! Likewise, we usually organize study rooms for exam season, go bowling, visit a lake in the surroundings, or go for pizza as a group.

QTEM students at TUM (qTUMers) benefit from the invaluable support of Sanne Verheij and Ute Helfers of the International Team, who enthusiastically help us in every step of our QTEM experience.


More Information

Find more information about the QTEM network here.

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