Studying safely
in Heilbronn

Shaping the new

campus life.

For the Summer Semester 2021 ...

… we are planning to continue with our blended learning concept. This entails an intelligent mix of online offerings and on-site teachings for all study programs. Of course, on-site teaching is subject to future infection rates and a further easing of infection control regulations.* We are taking all these concerns into consideration when creating our implementation plan and they are part of the reason why we will be taking a blended approach to the next semester.

It is our goal to create a teaching concept for each study program that meets the needs of all our students. The feedback we have received from our students enables us to further innovative courses to ensure optimal knowledge transfer and interaction. We are focused heavily on supporting all of our students regarding these new “forms of learning” but are specifically focused on our first-year students to ensure their transition to higher education is smooth.

*If the incidence value for the Heilbronn city district exceeds 100 (cases per 100,000), on-site teaching cannot take place for risk management reasons. You can find information on the latest developments of the coronavirus situation in the Heilbronn city district here.

Digital TUM4Mind Action Week Mental Health

Especially in these times, we want to continue to support students in getting through the semester psychologically healthy and motivated. For this purpose, we offer 13 different online events in German and English during the campaign week. As always, it is very important to us that students can exchange ideas with our experts as well as with other students.

What? Digital TUM4Mind Awareness Week Mental Health

When & Where? May 03 – 07, 2021 via Zoom

Register here!

Get to know your fellow students!

These are unusual times, which is why, for now, the new campus life means connecting from a safe distance. We know how important it is to get to know your fellow students from TUM Campus Heilbronn, especially if you have just started your studies at TUM School of Management. In order for you to connect with one another, we have now launched the online networking tool Mystery Matching. It is a simple online tool that allows you to meet fellow students from your own study program or get in touch with students in other programs or advanced semesters. Once matched by the algorithm, choose to meet online, team up to find study buddies or network with the whole TUM Campus Heilbronn community. Step 1 is to register online where you will need to answer a short questionnaire regarding your preferences and availability to meet up. Next the algorithm starts the matching. Mystery Matching will regularly assign random partners both of which will then receive an email with one another’s contact details and a suggested day for the meet up. Arranging the exact time and place of the meeting is then up to you!

 Sign up now with your TUM E-Mail address and get ready to be matched!



We have developed a room utilization concept and provided additional rooms. This allows for presence events in Heilbronn for all modules while adhering to the distance rules. A clearly visible regulation of passenger traffic and precise guidelines on event size and group classification enable the distance rule to be adhered to and ensure the greatest possible safety.

These measures serve your safety:

  • We have additionally equipped our lecture rooms with technical equipment to be able to stream and record lectures
  • The minimum distance of 1.5 m is possible in all rooms and corridors
  • A one-way street system to avoid collision points as much as possible
  • Designation of waiting areas for changing student groups
  • Secure access to the buildings and classrooms, and the exit is guaranteed
  • For your own safety, we recommend that you also use the Corona Warn-App of the German government. Infected people can use this Bluetooth-based app to inform other users they have been in contact with in the last few days. Your contacts are stored only locally on your phone.


We offer you an intelligent mix of online and face-to-face formats (hybrid teaching). By offering different teaching formats, we meet the learning needs of students in-class as well as off-campus.

Hybrid teaching
  • By introducing hybrid teaching, it is possible to address teaching to three groups of students at the same time:
      • students in the same classroom
      • students in another classroom who cannot be in the same classroom for reasons of available space and necessary distance
      • students off-campus, e.g. located abroad
  • It is a special concern of ours to be there for our first-year students. If necessary, we will provide them with virtual buddies and offer socializing opportunities via virtual channels.
  • Interaction and discourse are essential components of our teaching and will also be possible within the new teaching formats.
  • Our teaching concept aims to enable teaching to risk groups with as few restrictions as possible.
  • We rely on state-of-the-art technology to enable students to efficiently prepare, virtually participate and repeat recorded management courses.


We have introduced a hygiene and prevention concept that guarantees our students the greatest possible safety.

This includes (among others):

  • the provision of disinfection facilities
  • continuous cleaning measures
  • regular ventilation

Special Evaluation of the CHE Master Student Survey 2020: Crisis Management of the TUM School of Management Rated Outstanding

The Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) published a special evaluation of the CHE Master Student Survey 2020 with a particular focus on students’ assessment of their study situation during the Corona pandemic. In the context of the current situation, questions about the universities’ Corona crisis management were included in the recently completed Master’s survey. The TUM School of Management was able to achieve outstanding results, especially at the TUM Campus Heilbronn.

                              • > 80 % rated as “good” or “very good”
                              • Heilbronn: 100% satisfaction rate
                              • Included: Information management, variety of digital teaching formats, transparency of requirements, learning goals


Exclusively at TUM Campus Heilbronn it is planned to provide all students and lecturers with a Kinexon Wearable for voluntary use.

  • The Kinexon SafeTag continuously records the distance and duration of contacts, using UWB and without storing personal data.
  • Real-time warning when distance and contact duration rules are violated.
  • Visual warning signal when the distance falls below the minimum distance.
  • Acoustic warning signal when the distance falls below the minimum distance for a longer duration.

Why Kinexon?

  • We want our students and lecturers to feel secure.
  • To help reduce the risk of infection and to help keep the minimum distance.
  • Kinexon has a 10x higher precision compared to WiFi and Bluetooth solutions.
  • Kinexon guarantees a higher level of data protection than smartphone solutions.
  • Kinexon is independent of smartphones and technical infrastructure.

On one hand, we expect a training effect in keeping a safe distance from each other, even if it is dynamic. We would like to support all of our students in estimating their current distance from one another.

Furthermore, we want to make sure that distance is maintained even when everyone is on the move. And finally, we would like to demonstrate, how modern technology can help in coping with the virus.

The already field-tested and fully operational technology and precision in distance determination, the compliance with the German and Bavarian data protection regulations, the practical bundle offer, the software variety and the possibility to use the tags in different ways convinced us of piloting the KINEXON SafeTag at TUM Campus Heilbronn.


Face masks are recommended as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the mask coughs, sneezes, talks, or raises their voice and thus helps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

However, as the preventive measures to contain the spread of the Corona virus continue, increasing numbers of single-use, throwaway face masks are polluting our environment and are starting to become a problem. In order to ensure our students’ and staff’s safety, help reduce our Covid impact on the environment, and support those who have been impacted most by the crisis: small, independent businesses, TUM School of Management is working together with the social enterprise Township to produce high-quality and eco-friendly reusable face masks for our students and staff.

As one of the strongest universities for start-ups, the promotion of these young entrepreneurial ventures as well as small, independent businesses that operate responsibly and sustainably (two of the TUM School of Management’s cornerstone values) is very important to us. The ethical textile brand Township is a Fair Trade social enterprise that produces a wide range of products, supporting six cooperatives that currently employ 50 women in the communities of Khayelitsha and Manenberg in Cape Town, South Africa. As part of their mission statement, Township works with independent women-owned cooperatives in the townships of Cape Town to produce South African products according to their clients’ specifications and needs. Township engages with clients worldwide and secures regular orders to ensure sustainable growth and development of the cooperatives they work with. They are also committed to environmental protection. As such, they produce eco-friendly, reusable, and durable alternatives to single use items: All of their products are made out of 100% natural cotton, jute or recycled PET fabric.