TUM is ranked 8th in the Global University Employability Ranking

Regarding the quality of the graduates it sends out into the working world, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is among the world’s leading universities. In the this year’s “Global University Employability Ranking”, TUM took the Number 8 spot. TUM and the University of Cambridge are the only two European schools among the top ten. For the survey, around 6,000 managers in 20 countries were interviewed.

Published by the British magazine “Times Higher Education,” the survey asked managers from companies across all major business sectors about the qualities that made a new graduate attractive to employers. It was designed by the French human resources firm, Emerging, and conducted by German employment research institute Trendence.

Like last year, the interviewees listed TUM among the 10 universities that prepared its students best for entry into the working world. Apart from the University of Cambridge (5th), TUM, at number 8, is the only European school among the top 10. Seven of the universities are based in the United States, the University of Tokyo (9th) is the only Asian school among the best ten. Other German universities in the top 50 are LMU at number 31 and Goethe University Frankfurt at 47.

TUM regularly places among the best universities in Germany in international rankings. For example,  it has topped the German table in the “QS World University Ranking” for the third time in a row in 2017. TUM also strongly contributes to advances in technology and business through research findings and inventions. In the latest Reuters ranking of Europe’s 100 most innovative universities it was ranked 4th.

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